View Full Version : Out of Range Skill Execution Removal

08-07-2010, 10:53 PM
Nothing worse than going toe to toe with a bad guy, and you tap your keyboard to fire off that special awesomesauce move, and suddenly you're out of range... It shouldn't fire the move if I'm out of range.

I specifically bring this up, because after building up 50 Ki to drop a TOD, and hitting the button and getting an out of range skill should let the skill fire off so I lose my Ki. Monk have a very strange reach when in combat, and it's SO easy to THINK your on top of something when really you're out of range... even worse is when a mob is so tall you can;t see it on your screen, so you can't tell if it went off or not, the Ki is gone.. but.. did it work?

When I can target a creature on my Sorcerer, and send an Ice Lance in his direction, it shouldn't fire if I can't hit it because it's too far away... Wasting Ki, Wasting SP, it's all rather annoying.