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08-06-2010, 09:31 PM
This is my first non-asking post, so don't complain please.

1. Guild renow decay-> I approve it, but with some changes. There are 2 options, that we could choose, or Turbine choose. Here the options:
1-> Decay is defined on number of guild members, have decay even on low levels.
Example: Guild has 4 members, decay 20 renow rate.
Guild has 400 members, decay, 2000 renow rate.
2-> It's defined by guild level, like the other option, decay even on low levels.
Example: Guild level 4, decay 200 renow rate.
Guild level 40, 2000 renow rate.
The rate could be higher or lower, I don't know how does it works.

2. Some spell changes-> Some spells are really liked, but some changes on them could get by some way better. Here are they:
1-> Protection from Energy, Protection from Elements and Stoneskin-> You did it with Master's Touch, but at true that one wasn't really needed. But make these spells permanent until rest is really better, cause usually they finish before the time expires, but sometimes not. this could save a couple of mana, which sometimes are REALLY needed. The mana of a Elements Protection and stoneskin are sufficient for a Firewall, which sometimes are sufficient to kill around 10 mobs.
2->New level 9 arcane and cleric's spells-> I've gone for curious to compendium and saw the number of level 9 spells I could get, since I'm rolling a sorcerer. I've counted on my hands: 8 spells. On level 20 a sorcerer can get 3 spells, and a wizard can get 5. And I need to say, some of these spells are REALLY inutile, like "Power Word: Kill". My Sorcerer is level 11, and 90% of the mobs i kill have more than 300 hp. Imagine level 18 and above so. For curious I saw level 9 cleric's spells and these can be on ONE hand of me. FIVE SPELLS. That's all the slots of a cleric 20. I think Turbine could put some spells there, no?
3-> COME BACK WITH DICE NOTATION!-> Dice notation is mostly seen on spells, and this is Dungeons and Dragons, not WoW! Whatever who want to see "2 to 12 damage" plays WoW! But this is the old PnP D&D, and u need make our old dice notation up.

3. UI->-> I always see it: You soloing with your hireling, and there is a trap. You just jump over and pass. The stupid UI of the hireling don't jump, he dies, and after a time you. Also, the old mode of fast kill on mobs: just get him following you and die on a trap. Imagine some1 doing it, it's stupid. Just grind it better.

4. Quests->-> Everyone say: "Put more end-game non-epic content!" "Put another level 19 f2p quest!". I say NO to this. On end-game you have: Amrath, Path of Inspiration, Dreaming Dark, Epic and Reaver's/Vale on Elite. On level 10-12 content, you have Demon. 13-15, GH/Necro IV. That's all. So i think it's better insert level 12-15 content, no?

No replies =[ Please just say if you agree or not with my ideas.
Thanks for read, please put opinion from 1-10 down \/

08-06-2010, 09:35 PM
Part IV!?!?!!?!?

Do you have a level 20 toon?

08-06-2010, 09:44 PM
I'm talking about normal runs, i know quests can be played by level 19-20 chars, but what I'm trying to say is that High Level Content (not End-game) is needed to farm, which I personally find boring. It's more cool to play many quests then stay on only 1 farming. But anyway, quests get boring after some completitions (10-20)