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08-05-2010, 09:44 PM
We, are "The Wolves of SavageMoon" a guild that does not discriminate, you can be a Human to WF. The darkness calls to us, awakening our senses. hear the rustling of leaves and flowing water. The sent of wild flowers , and wild things, with pounding hearts and pulsing blood as they run through the wood in the moonlight. Hoof beats,like drums as heavy Paws pound the dampened earth beneath us.The air is filled with the scent of near by prey.
The ancient primal howl of our kind is carried off into the distance.What brings us together thrill of the hunt,and the cry of battle.
For us,whast important is being good teamplayers and having fun.We are far from being expert gamers nor do we wish to be,if we dont know the answer together we will find it. We are a friendly group and we like to help new players with any kind of Help they may need.
So if your looking for friendly active Guild then look us up on the Orien Server!!

NAME: The wolves o Savagemoon(Orien)

TYPE: Questing , Raiding, RP is optional in the rp chatrooms

REQUIREMENTS:18 and up preferred ,if your under 18 please behave in a mature way.

PLAY TIME: Between 5pm and 10 pm eastern standard time Will update in future.

CONTACTS: Norubu (Leader),Reaslyen,Rudyard,fastknife(officer) Contact any of us to join the guild.

DESRIPTION: we are centered around more helping out each other.

We aim to help new players gain experience in the game.To build a tight nit family

Our members are currently level 6 and below.So we are newbie friendly.

Also, join our website. WEB SITE: http://www.savagemoon.guildportal.com/

If you would like to join,we only ask that you are planning on be active member. And read our rules. You can reply to this thread, PM me in the forums, PM me in-game or just sign up to the website
with your character name and I will invite you to the guild. When you join the website, please join only the character you plan on usin in the guild.