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08-02-2010, 08:08 AM
I to start a guild association. The main goal is to help f2p players to grind their 100-400 pts as quickly as possible. By having an association on multiple servers I hope that we can limit the amount of time and aggravation.

The basic idea is as follows;
1. Join the guild and get promoted to officer for the sake of inviting your friends,
2. 95+% of the players in the guild would be dedicated to 100 favor farming (thus reducing the time it takes to find a solid group),
3. Keep your loot or choose the renown, your choice,
4. After 1 week of inactivity the character will be demoted to members,
5. After 3 weeks the character will be removed from the guild or as space is required,

I figure this would benefit both the f2p favor grinders and

If you are interested let me know.

Leave me a message or send me mail in game;

Thelanis-Tralquak, Tralquek, Tralquok, & Tralquuk
Generally online around 23:00-01:00 central (-06:00)