View Full Version : What is with the bug between - Explorer area completions and the Adventure Compendium

07-31-2010, 04:13 PM
I ask because apparently the Adventure Compendium is in mis-match to the actual quest completions on any given explorer area...

It seems the ship navigator is cued off the Adventure Compendium also... but there is no possible way fo a player character to fix such as the Explorer Area is marked complete within the Quest Journal.

i.e. Rosewood - Sands of Menechtarum shows in the Adventure Compendium as 17/25, The navigator will not take her there - So I go to Sands of Menechtarum to figure out what she has missing only to find in the Quest Journal she has all 25 and is marked complete.

Why would this be so? Do you not set these flags more than once? Logging in and out seems no effect as it does the favor tabs, I cannot understand how such data be so disjoint.