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07-29-2010, 11:34 AM
Due to some enhancement conflict issues, fixed in the coming update 7, this is just a concept build. When update 7 comes out it will change this builds complexion.

Build: F.E.R.R.E.T.
(Fighting Elven Rogue Raging Evading Tank)
Concept: A tactical barb fighter with ac and dps modes wearing robes
Difficulty: Drow
Class Progression: Rogue 1, Fighter 6, rogue 1, Barbarian 12
(though you could hold off on 2nd level of rogue for a level or two.)

Hit Points: 573 - 633 +
Armor Class: 52 - 76 +2, with or without a shield
Reflex: 30-32 + 6 burst and +4 if a trap + raid buffs
Fortitude: 34-36 + raid buffs
Will: 25-29 + raid buffs, +2 versus enchantments
Intimidate: 62-66
Skills: max ranks in umd, jump, intimidate, balance, and a lot of points for other skills like rogue and swim.
UMD: 45
Special defense: Evasion
Special Attacks: Improved Trip and Stunning Blow specced
DR: Shield Block/intim: ~30
DPS: ~66 norm, 213 crit +

Where is your dwarf god now?

In update 7 enhancements look to be changed. This will allow more points for this build to add frenzy, DR, a higher intim, and the intimidation enhancements. This build is presented with current limitations.

Taking 2 levels of rogue allows a boost on reflex saves, an extra point of dex, open lock ability, a +2 skill boost (more after update 7), and EVASION.

Taking 6 levels of fighter allows armor boost, 2 more strength, +2 to trip and stun, 2 toughness (though not sure if this conflicts with barb), and the first tier of stalwart getting +1 ac, +2 intim, a stance when not raged that gets +2 str and con, +1 saves, +2 ac, 50% hate, and more DR w/dex bonus if a shield block is needed

Stats (non True reincarnation build)

Strength 14 +6 item + 2 fighter + 3 excep + 5 level up + 3 tome = 33
Dexterity 16 +3 tome +2 drow +1 rogue + 6 item + 2 excep = 30
Constitution 14 +3 tome + 2 enhance +6 item +1 excep = 26
Intelligence 13 +3 tome = 16 natural. (adding items gets runes easily)
Wisdom 8 dumpy dumpy boo boo
Charisma 13 + 6 item + 3 tome + ? excep = 22+?

Strength - The fighter levels give the build something a barbarian does not usually get, +2 to strength. This allows a starting 14 which becomes a natural 16 through enhancements. This allows a lot of points elsewhere.

Dexterity - 16 starting dex, +6 item, +3 tome, +1 rogue, +2 drow + 2 excep = 30 DEX.
Making that +3 excep instead can allow a 15 starting (putting extra point in charisma or intel instead). 30 Dex is important for ac, reflex save for evasion. Taking other measures such as yugo pots can make it even higher.
This build is wearing robes and is a barbarian, it needs all the AC help it can get.

Constitution - 14 con starting sounds bad. However, this build takes the toughness feat and gets 4 levels of enhancements from barb and 2 from racial.
This build also gains 2 points from barb enhancements.
Rage also brings up con. With evasion, toughness, some DR, and a fairly high AC this should cover the loss of 20 hp gained from 2 more points of constitution.

Intelligence 13 - This allows an immediate grab for combat expertise (explained below) and 1 tome from 14 for more skill points. 1st level is rogue and that is massive points. 2 levels of fighter will only get 3 a level, but 4th level will have 14 int due to tome. This gets 4 points for each fighter level. By the time barb levels come, the +3 tome will make it 16 giving the barb tons of skill points for the build.

Wisdom - dump stat. Getting a tome or item with some extra wis is worth it to shore it up due to spell casters, disease, or silver flame pots.

Charisma - 13 gets us force of personality before we get off the boat. Helps in intim, will saves, umd, and we will look prettier.

Feat progression:

Pretty much in the order you would want to take them.

( I believe we get eleven feats....elven feats... :)
based on 1 rogue, 6 fighter, 1 rogue, 12 barb )

Combat expertise, improved trip
Stunning blow
Force of Personality
(these feats come off the boat if a veteran)

These feats above allow a very impressive ability to trip and stun enemies like crazy, especially when raged. The Force of P allows a very high save right off the boat.
Your ability to boost AC and DR with a Shield is HUGE at this level. being a fighter/rogue for the first 8 levels allows many playstyles and even armor for a really high ac. When the barb levels come, and you want the evasion you can switch to robes.

Your umd off the boat (4th level) - 7 ranks + 2 cha mod + 3 cartouche +2 rogue skill boost = 14. Adding eagles splendor gets you 16. Enough to get some good self buffing and healing going with some good rolls.

Power attack - this ups our DPS when raged or not raged.

Toughness - time to get some HP

Imp crit slash - time to do some more dps

THF, ITHF, GTHF - lets go with the two handed fighting line. Take these last as your trip and stun will make the glancing blows not as necessary.

These feats give you the DPS you need in power attack, imp crit slashing, and the Two hand fighting line.
Your AC is boostable by the combat expertise (which is needed for imp trip)
The tactical feats Improved trip and stun will land all the time when raged and make you formidable to all trash mobs.
Force of P makes your build better and consolidates build points.
Toughness makes up a lot for the loss of 8 barb levels and a lower constitution to start.


23 ranks
15 item
2 enhancements (4 after update 7)
6 charisma (maybe 7?)
6 shroud item
2 head of good fortune
4 GH
2 bard inspire
2 stalwart
62 intim (+1 yugo pot, +1 for 2 excep charisma, +2 for update 7) = 66

This is enough for most raids save demon queen and hound (at higher difficulties).
This means you can intim all trash and take them out. With a good evasion, decent ac, and trip/stun working, this build will be very helpful at all trash mob fights, even elementals.

With update 7, this build will gain the ability to have intimidation, not just intimidate. This gives a -2 curse like effect on all intimidated mobs, effectively raising your AC and all your comrades.


UMD, intim, jump, balance should all be easily maxed. The UMD will allow no fail on just about everything..perfect for buffing and healing.

(23 ranks + 6 item + 6 cha mod + 3 cartouche + 1 big top hat + 2 good fortune + 4 GH = 45 before other buffs....)

Open lock might be a good rogue skill to develop, maybe go for the others too (search and disable) but I do not think it will work out end game at all...never know, I have not done the math.

Skills like tumble, listen, spot, swim, will help you out is some ways and will not hurt you.

Armor Class

So, can this build get a good AC?

I would say it has 3 modes, 1 dps raged, 1 dps non raged, 1 high ac medium dps. Each mode is highly enhanced by the tactical feats and intimidation control. Evasion must be factored in due to the huge damage mitigation it provides.

Normal mode = 70 with boosts from 72 to 76, fully raid buffed
DPS. power attack = 65, 67-71 boosted, fully raid buffed
DPS raged and power attack - 59, 61-66 boosted, fully raid buffed
DPS raged, power attack off - 64, 66-69 boosted, fully raid buffed

to adjust the previous numbers for non-raid buffed, normal play, it would be wise
to take off about 8 AC, though it will range from 0 to 13

(adding a shield like leviks defender to this build for a shield block will keep the AC the same due to the loss of dex but addition of shield bonus

DR in shield mode = 15 leviks + 11 base + 2 stalwart + barb? = 27+?

10 base
3 barkskin pot, seal
6 DragonTouch robes
4 insight, DragonTouch robes
1 robe alchemical ritual
5 Protection item
3 chattering ring
2 chaos bracers
10 dex
1 stalwart prestige
4 shield spell (wand)
1 haste pot or spell
2 recitation (self buff scroll or spell)
52 + 2 = normal AC, self buffed

Buffs - all modes
2 ranger bark
2 possible

Extraordinary buffs - all modes
6 Paladin Aura
4 Bard Song
1 Air Guard Haste AC
11 possible

AC mode
5 combat expertise

Short burst AC
2 fighter armor boost
6 uncanny dodge

Rage mode
-2 class granted abilities
-4 power rage
x combat expertise off
-6 due to rage


This is by no means indepth, just a look at it, raged and with power attack on..
There are many things that could add more damage to the base and a ton more to ancillary damage (like burst and so on).

Greensteel axe - 3d6 + 52, crit becomes (3d6 + 58) x3

so base damage in DPS mode is around 66, crit around 215.
plus sneak attack damage, burst, etc...

Coupled with trip and stun against non red named......

normal stuff
10 power attack (THF bonus)
11 strength bonus
3d6 + 5 greensteel weapon

Barb granted rage bonus
3 strength +6 (granted ability)
2 power rage (+4 strength)
3 barb power attack enhancement

Rogue sneak attack bonus damage
1d6 +3

5 barbarian damage boost
12 bard song
1 yugo strength pot

6 bloodstone
x3 modifier (great axe)


this was tough, three classes with some good stuff, and a whole ton of barb things.
Update 7 should help this out a bit, but this is where my thoughts are now.

6 dex 2
3 rac tough 2
1 rogue sneak attack

2 dex 1
1 skill boost 1???

4 stalwart
3 intim 2
1 armor boost 1
6 str 2
3 trip 2
3 stun 2

total non barb = 33

barb - 57
6 power rage 4 (-4 ac)
10 barb extend rage 4
6 barb con 2
6 barb extra rage 3
3 hardy rage 2
6 barb tough 3
10 barb damage boost
3 barb item defense 2
6 barb power attack 3
1 barb will power 1


07-29-2010, 06:06 PM

I did not add all things that could be considered to add bonuses via bard, cleric, mage spells, etc...just the usual stuff...


Stalwart Mode: 32 + raid buffs + 6 uncanny dodge burst
21 base(below) + 4 Gh + 5 item + 2 HoGF

Raged Mode: 30 + raid buffs + 6 uncanny dodge burst
19 base (below) + 4 GH + 5 item + 2 Hogf

+ 4 more if a trap save is rolled (below)


Stalwart Mode: 34 + raid buffs = 34 +
23 base (below) + 4 Gh + 5 item + 2 HoGF

Raged Mode: 36 + raid buffs
25 base (below) + 4 GH + 5 item + 2 Hogf


Stalwart Mode: 25 + raid buffs
14 base (below) + 4 Gh + 5 item + 2 HoGF

Raged Mode: 29 + raid buffs
18 base (below) + 4 GH + 5 item + 2 Hogf

+2 more if an enchantment spell

also spell resistance 11 base against non harmful spells (usually enchantments) up to a max of 20 natural resistance.

notes to get above figures

AC mode:
Reflex 3 rogue + 2 fighter + 4 barbarian +2 stalwart + 10 dex
Fort 5 fighter + 8 barbarian +2 stalwart + 8 con
Will 2 fighter + 4 barbarian +2 stalwart + 6 charisma
will / enchantment : 2 Drow

traps saves: + 4 Barbarian

raged mode:
Reflex 3 rogue + 2 fighter + 4 barbarian + 10 dex
fort +3 granted +1.5 hardy 5 fighter + 8 barbarian + 8 con
will +3 granted + 3 barb will + 2 fighter + 4 barbarian + 6 charisma

+4 versus traps
+6 reflex uncanny dodge burst
hardy rage, +3 con

Immune to sleep
+2 saves versus enchantments
Spell resistance 11

Stalwart Defender Stance: +2 on all saves

Enhancement option: can get Spell resistance 20 for 10 action points


Hit points

573 - 633

20 base (Heroic Durability)
12 rogue
60 fighter
144 barb
160 con modifier
22 toughness
50 toughness enhancements
10 draconic vitality (gianthold)
30 greater false life
45 shroud item
20 minos helm

Stalwart mode: 593
(2 con gets 20 HP in stance)

Raged: 633
(+ 3 con granted + 3 hardy = +3 modifier for 60 HP)

Rogue and all other skills

Have not quite figured out the whole rogue skills thing. Can the build be of any use in any rogue capacity? Certainly at lower levels for sure, but what about end game? At least open lock is something to look at.

Taking at first gets a lot of skills and then at 8th..the rogue skills will cost 2 points to get 1 rank on the other 18 levels. And not many skill points to spread around.

but here goes....

starting int 13, 14 for 4th level+ skills, 16 for 13th level + skills (as per tome allowances)

1st level character gets = (Class modifier + Intelligence modifier) * 4. In this case it is a rogue level first, so (8 + 1) * 4 = 36 points
each fighter level gets 2 + int mod = 3 til 4th level, then it goes to 4 til we get to barb

rogue 1 - 36 points
fighter 2-3 - 6 points (3 per level)
Fighter 3-7 - 16 points (+1 tome) (4 per level)
rogue 8 - 10 points
Barb 9-12 - 24 points (6 per level)
Barb 13-20 - 56 points (+3 tome) (7 per level)

Skills to max. UMD, intim

skills we want high: balance, jump

Rogue skills that can be useful: search, disable device, open lock

Good extras: spot, listen, haggle, tumble, swim

Rogue help:

Nominally, to be effective, the benchmark seems to be Disable 57, open lock +50, search 50. This will not get everything, but will get quite a bit. But can we get even close to make it worth it?

15 item
4 GH
2 head of good fortune
2 skill boost
+1 yugo pot (for the right stat)
24 base

disable/search: int mod + 6, maybe 7
Open locks: Dex mod + 10
Search: +2 drow

Search: 32
Open: 34
Disable: 30

With no ranks in open lock, a roll of 20 gets us 54. But two levels of rogue will probably get 6 ranks making it 40. This should make doors and chests okay with only those ranks.

Disable is useless without search, but search is not a roll, it has to be high or we can just drop both. High 40s seems optimal search, which makes 16 ranks to get to 48. Maybe a little help from a bard here if we go less ranks.

Disable Device is tough. Too low and it blows traps...but still chances to get them. Looks like 57 is a good thing to shoot for. That ain't gonna happen. Search is a waste if we cannot get to mid 50s at least. We need 25 more points.

IF we go for the rogue thing, there is a way to play with the enhancements to boost the disable skill...ambivalent about the whole rogue skill thing though...but since we got the levels, it is something to think about.

I do not think it is possible without at least 1 or 2 more levels of rogue...and that would gimp dps, feats, ac, and much more.

07-29-2010, 06:19 PM

12 barb
6 fighter
low ac
stat distribution
low dps


2 rogue

07-29-2010, 07:18 PM

12 barb
6 fighter
low ac
stat distribution
low dps


2 rogue

wasn't easy to make a drow become a high ac barb/fighter with a high enough reflex to matter for evasion, with a 40+umd, and still crit over 200, while getting over 600 HP....and combat tactical fighter

lot of work figuring this one out......the return of the drow...lol

07-30-2010, 09:53 AM
I invite you to take a look at my own attempt at a rogue 2 / barb 6 (FB) / ftr 12 (SD) DPS tank: Stormin' Sherman (http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?p=3125966#post3125966).

07-30-2010, 12:11 PM
I invite you to take a look at my own attempt at a rogue 2 / barb 6 (FB) / ftr 12 (SD) DPS tank: Stormin' Sherman (http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?p=3125966#post3125966).

funny, we had same sort of idea.....lol
Its a lot harder to go 12 barb and do the ac since most of the fighter enhancements that really help are not available...and the barb enhance take up so much..

4 insight does not stack with leviks set, both are insight...