View Full Version : Guild Crafting Gems Rewrite

07-29-2010, 04:30 AM
i think that they should rewrite the Guild Gem System, simply make it so that your Guildmaster buys one very expensive Gem (the tiny/small and whatnot would still apply) and it would apply to the entire guild, permanently, until he/she wanted to change it, or they outgrew the stone (could make it so either the same stone you have in your biggest slot applies to all weapons, just in a smaller amount, or make it so that you could have a different effect for each different sized gem) i think this would bring great kinship to the guilds, also, as a thing to note, perhaps the Guildmaster should get slightly more of an effect than the others, and Officers more than your normal member? just a thought on that last, and perhaps do the same thing with Renown, so that Officers and Leaders get more, though maybe limit the population percentage of officers you can have? like, only 1/3rd of your members can be officers or something