View Full Version : Player Created Items Contest!

07-22-2010, 06:45 PM
Remember back in the day how cool it was to loot a Flametongue, a Frostbrand, or maybe even a Sunblade? Those were really something to have; they were named and so rare they were almost unique. It made looting random chests exciting!

We realize you guys are very busy but how about letting your players handle some of the creativity here? Here is how it will work:

You guys (The devs or forum moderators) go ahead and create a new forum area titled “Player created items”. People post their ideas IN DETAIL of items that could be part of the rare drop loot table. Once a month the devs pick the most interesting/unique/well thought out item make sure it’s balanced “probably unbalanced items would never get selected” and introduce it into the game with a blurb about the player who created it in the item description. Additionally if the player’s item is selected, the dev or forum moderator could allow the player to select a few names for the item (to be approved by devs).

This would give us all a chance to think of some neat items, show how creative we can be, and bring back some of that excitement back into looting those humdrum random chests.

It could even be divided up into levels each month (like an item for 1 to 4, then one for 5 to 10, and so forth) so we could get a few items into the loot table per month. If the fear is inundation of magic named items, perhaps make it a bimonthly contest so that only 6 or so items would be introduced per year (though I think 12 or even 24 items per year wouldn’t be bad at all).

What do you guys think?