View Full Version : My UI seems to be broken

07-16-2010, 12:36 PM
I was in the shroud part 1 yesterday and noticed that I couldn't buff myself but I decided that it must have just been laggy and they weren't showing up yet. Then I noticed that people were running away from portals that still had health, which was incredibly odd but I figured they know best so I followed along. Then it got to the point where I could see people run around but I couldn't see them swinging their weapons anymore and the only damage I saw the portals take was damage I dealt. I decided this was all just bad lag and decided to re-log to try and fix the problem. When I logged back in I was still in the shroud and could move around, but all my buffs were gone, I no longer had the party health bars, all my quick bars were empty, and I didn't see my guild message of the day. I crafted my tier 1 (which became annoying because the jaws would not open back up so I had to close it and reopen it every time) while I waited for my UI to back, which it didn't. I re-logged again with the same results and decided to try a different character, which worked just about long enough for me to send a tell to the leader of the shroud run to try and explain myself, before that characters UI started to degrade also. All four of my characters ended up with this problem.

This is a screen shot of my main I took this morning when I tried to log on

And this is a screenshot I took of one my alts after I re-logged about 10 minutes into STK with a guildy this morning

Both of those screen shots were taken while I was able to move around, and I suspect that the chat system still works because I could see my guild mate stop and respond to tells I was sending him but I didn't see the outgoing tells or any incoming one either. The same thing happens whether I use my desktop or my laptop to play.