View Full Version : WTS/WTT Robe of Arcane Puissance

07-13-2010, 03:54 PM
This is a new item from Tempest Spine and it seems to be the only one up for grabs...on any server! I put it in the AH for a mil buyout, but I'd definitely consider plat and trades. I'm new to the server, so I don't have much. :D

Robe - Potency IV, Armor Bonus +3 - ML8

Here are some items that I may be interested in...
+5 Mithral Chainshirt
+5 Mithral Breastplate
+5 Light Mithral Shield
+5 Heavy Mithral Shield
Khopesh and Rapiers for Level 10+

p.s. I have a Murlynd's Spoon up for grabs too.