View Full Version : For Loot And Glory

07-07-2010, 07:07 AM
Tired of guilds that have requirements
Tired of being told how to Build your toons
Tired of people thinking there better then you cause your learning the game
Tired of drama
Tired of fees or not being able to bring your alts
Tired of raid nights and reserves
Tired of not knowing guildies cause of spamming guilds for renown
Tired of high levels in your guild forgetten that they where new to the shroud too
And number one Tired of ,pulling something you want and others in guild telling you you shouldnt have it cause its not for your class. Then loot and glory could be for you We are a no worries no drama no requirments guild we like each other help out and try to have fun everyday our raids pugged or not are you pull it you keep it and have fun and its not even worth the fight anyway if interested please contact Sgtlaw in game or by the mail