View Full Version : Power Shards

07-02-2010, 10:28 AM
Is there anyway to either increase the drop rate for these things or add them to the 2nd chest in part 1 of the shroud or both chests in Part 2???

I have a bard that I've been working on. She has been trying to get just 1 power shard to craft her goggles. I only need one for this character. I have run part 1 farming til I hit ransack. I am half way to 20th rewards - and still not a single power shard has dropped in her name.

To make matters worse - when one drops that someone doesn't need - I lose the roll. The other day we ran the shroud - full 12-man raid and not 1 dropped for anyone. I think its getting a bit silly at this point. Just remove them from all chests and make them a 20th end reward.