View Full Version : ArE LOokIng fOr a LitE to hEavY RP GuIld??

06-29-2010, 03:17 PM
Im tired of the rp guilds that demand so much devoted time, so many hours of play, I understand some of us dont have the luxary to play as much as we wish, This new guild has the opertunity to restablish the core of where this game came from' the pen, paper and imagination of us. Just because they brought us a digtial world to play d and d in, doesnt mean we shouldnt use our imaginations to enrich the overall exp and enjoyment. Light to heavy rp, whichever your playing style preference, will be welcomed in our guild. This is a relativly new guild, open advancement with proven effort and knowledge, a backgtround on your chac is a bonus, Ive played d&D since 2nd gen and was a DM for many years, i would really enjoy you joining this guild if you want to delve into the this masterpiece world of lore and imagination. ~Vissel Etheral Born our guild is; Shadows of the Fallen Moon
Tell/mail me if your intrested. :)