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06-29-2010, 03:12 PM
Now I am sure that many people have thought of this but after searching the forums I don't see it in the suggestion box. I have several issues with the Pale Master PrE even with the new updates from 5.

1. Necrotic Touch / Necrotic Bolt can't be boosted by metamagic feats.

A. Devine PrE enhancements can be boosted by Metamagic Feats (specifically the Silver Flame - Exorcism)
B. Necrotic Touch is the only Arcane Prestige ability currently, it makes sense that like Divine, Arcane abilities should be boosted by Metamagic due to the "Magical Nature" from which they were granted.
C. Currently Necrotic touch can be boosted by Spell Focus : Necromancy - which would indicate that it is magical in nature.

2. Pale Master AP is overpriced to gain all of the skeletal minions.
A. In order to get to the Mage summons you must take all other summons (Knight/Archer)
I. The Pre-reqs should be changed so that if you want 1 you should be able to select that one only -
a. For Pale Master II and Pale Master III the pre-reqs should be that you have the prior level of that particular
summon type
B. AP should be increased incrementally for the II and III summons - Ultimately it will for Pale Masters to specialize in 1 summon type which is more appropriate - Overall AP requirements would go down from 9 needed to get the highest level to 7.
(I.E.) Arcane Skeleton - 1 AP
Blackbone Mage - 2 AP
Frostmarrow Mage - 4AP

3. There is no Enhancement for Deadly Magics - This is a lack which is going to unintentionally nerf this PrE.
When Wild Mage and Archmage come online they will have the enhancements for their Magic to make them much
more deadly with their magics by getting a boost to % damage dealt/ % Critical Hit / Base Crit multiplier.

03-21-2011, 03:33 PM
Thread pale master arts!

I agree with this, archmagi can meta their spell-like abilities for free, I'm not personally asking for free metamagic, but none? despicable!

03-21-2011, 03:38 PM
I wouldn't mind metafeats working on them..mainly quicken, but are you suggesting
we waste aps in summons before we can take pm2 and 3? I really never found them
to be useful. (may've misunderstood)

03-21-2011, 08:59 PM