View Full Version : Math behind damage calcs?

06-29-2010, 11:52 AM
Hey guys, I'm new to Pallys, and I'm getting confused about all the high-end bonuses they get. But I'm also anxious to try one since they appear to have amazing high-end abilities. Basically what I'm shooting for is WF Bladesworn with an ending base Charisma of 20.
But how good is DM 4? Am I better off just investing all my freebies into Str and forgetting about 20 base Cha? Also, are the 19-20 Enhancements more worthwhile than say picking up Evasion and Sneak Attack via 2 levels of rogue? I'm familiar with Ultimega's build, but I have no illusions of farming +4 tomes or acquiring all the super end-game loot any time soon, so that option's probably out.
Please provide some down-to-earth advice for a semi-regular player.