View Full Version : super range

06-28-2010, 10:28 PM
btw, only noticed this on ataraxia wilds, havent tried anywhere else yet.

i just noticed but you can no longer range things from out of their preseption. this was likly done to reduce the soloability of rangers but at the same time it has boosted mage soloability. now a mage can kill a whole map with one fire wall. for rea,l just whip out a +5 throwing dagger tap a divine power clicky and pull all of twilight vale into one fire wall. *** do casters really need more soloability?

there is no reason to nerf archers. it's like nerfing a marshmello.

more and more, cleverness, knowlage of your enemies abilities, and twitch skills are getting removed. what's left is just another slogfest on a rail with no play options. just one way to do something is 100 ways too few.

there were already mosters that could not be super ranged out of their preception. bearded devils, beholders, most pit fiends and dozens of others. the twitch is in knowing your enemy.