View Full Version : Made to Order apology

06-25-2010, 03:51 AM
An apology to the group with whom I, on my toon Farflame, ran made to order with last night (around midnight GMT).

As i got back to the caravan to regroup my main internet connection dropped out.
I tried to log on, on my old laptop via it's wireless connection, i eventually did and managed to get a quick party tell written, before that DC'ed on me, but don't know if you guys saw it. by the time i got back on the group had obviously disbanded. i sent out a message in general, but again don't know if any of you saw it.

I did see in the party tab loot been got, so i assume (and hope) you managed to kill him off and win.

Was really annoyed as i obviously didn't get final loot, quest reward loot, also the exp would have levelled me and the 18 favor points would have put me over 150 for house K allowing me to get another bank slot (which i really need).

So again apologies and know i didn't drop the group.