View Full Version : Making DDO better? Start from basics!

06-23-2010, 01:38 PM
Two things that are ESSENTIAL for any other mmorpg title (even korean-f2p-dumb-grinders) but not implemented in great western game, SUPPOSED to be role-playing.
1. What a heck with our weapons? Why can't we really sheathe it as shown on character creation screen, but only do a strange command which works really odd?? How can we enjoy the feel of fantasy world in asylum with charcters running around with gigantic blades in hands? Why can't we have simple button "H" to sheathe our weapon and being just able to see a person with sheathed weapon after that?
2. Even with all that "innovative" stuff with aliases..guys, really, it's not funny to try to roleplay when I DON'T HAVE TIME to type any text in chat! As stated above, just LOOK at all that f2p **** around our beloved DDO! They ALL have EMOTIONS ON HOTBARS! Yeah it's ingeniously simple to just tap your hotkey to make your chara cheer, without digging tutorials(!) how to @#$%^& make it easier for you to simply laugh or wave!
Guys, it's 2010! And "Dungeons'n'Dragons" is awesome ROLE-PLAYING IP. Why don't you do it little role-playable, instead of throwing in new brainless tons of content?