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06-22-2010, 08:18 AM
So after a ooo 2 yr hiatus I have returned to DDO as a P2P customer. I hope to find a guild that is mature and is more into having fun then "WE MUST COMPLETE NO MATTER WHAT". I haven't played since the demon queen raid was new so I am kind of far behind in knowledge so need a guild that is willing to show me the ropes when needed. I am usually a WF playing toon so i hope to have a guild that is WF friendly atleast, and lastely (kinda goes with the having fun part) a guild that realizes this is just a game and not to get ****y over everything plus RL is far more important.... if you can't tell I have had a few bad xps in the past on this and other games. I have 32 point unlocked as well and I guess my main right now is my WF Barb.. might as well enjoy THF b4 mod 5. You can reach me on this forum or on my main Omnigear (yes the name from xenogears ^^) well then till I get any bites I bid ye all a good day.

P.S. almost forgot I am a east coast North American player

06-24-2010, 12:34 PM
I am also east coast. My guild has an age requirement of at least 16+ years of age. I don't stand for anything immature. It's a pretty new guild so we aren't looking to do extreme progression. Just send a tell to Meraj for an invite. The guild name is Souls of the Damned.

06-24-2010, 01:18 PM
ty for the response I shall take it into consideration... I feel like I am buying a car because I have gotten a few messages so we shall see ^^ cheers... dwarves smell like I feel

06-25-2010, 01:22 PM
I thought I would pass the word I have found a guild and ty all for the messages. I can still look forward to randomly playing with most of yas... that doesn't sound right but whatever.