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06-21-2010, 09:18 AM
Morning, Sarlona. This day's server downtime inspired me to *finally* create a guild webpage and clean up our invisionfree forums a bit.

We are a small guild, having 21 individual players (not counting characters), and a lovely small batch of officers. I am the guild leader, and I wanted to create a guild full of common sense and the willingness to learn and grow.

Guilds are about bonding and working together, doesn't it get lonely when you solo everything? It sure gets hard at higher levels, and PUG Groups are not always stable or guaranteed. Our guild takes care of its own first, then we help others. We will always help if we can.

We are acknowledged by Rogus Guild and accepted among their ranks as friends. We share similar views on things, except we are more for adults. Thus we ask you be at least 18 to join.
With the new update coming, I thought I would put us out there on the scene and extend a friendly hand. We are non-competitive and like to have fun.
Our primary objective right now is to save up enough for our airship, which will be the smallest one, obviously, because we have less than 30 individuals. You may have seen some of us around Sarlona. We aren't going anywhere.

If you are new and want to join a smaller guild with experienced and non-experienced players, we can help you learn, and learn with you. If you're a vet of the game and have knowledge and experience to share with us, please, we would love to have you in our guild, or even just as a friend (groupies I call them). We are not elitists, we are not jerks. We're funny, sometimes crude, we make mistakes like everyone else and know how to have a good time.

If you're interested ,you can send Arsta , or Bellalocke or Hailyia a tell or an in-game mail.
We do have a website which we will post events on (it has a calendar) we do have a Forums as well that is maintained by myself and our tech support, Thunkorr. You are required to get acquainted with both, as we will be using them to coordinate, post information, links to helpful DDO resources etc etc.

We have some great members, we're easy going, we're not elitists, we're not mean, we just want to play the game, have fun, and have organization in our parties and raids. We don't like zergers, we like to assign roles and tasks in quests, and we are more than willing to help you, answer your questions and quest with you.
Elitists and power gamers, and those very focused on PvP need not apply.

New and Vet players, people willing to learn, listen, try, take a chance, and have a good time are encouraged to contact us! We are accepting of all people, gender, lifestyle, personalities, but please be proficient in English. Most of speak English as our first language so it would be hard to communicate if you didn't have good understanding of English. =)