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06-19-2010, 04:08 PM
Having played many MMO's here are a few suggestions I have for making DDO better:

1. Add a search feature to the AH that allows you to type in an item name. It is painstaking to have to search through 14 pages of items to find the one item you are looking for. If you had the ability to search for a specific item it would make it go a lot faster.

2 Lower the AH cost for posting items their. Other games have it at 15-20% and even give you the ability to lower that cost. losing 30% to the AH broker is kinda ridiculous and no one likes sitting in the Market or the Harbor spamming things they want to sell because they are trying to maximize their profit, it takes away from questing or raiding.

Having not raided or grouped yet I cant make any comments on fixes for those . Overall I think the game is great. those two things I suggested our my observations so far.

06-19-2010, 06:19 PM
I know that a search function is very much desired and I would not be surprised to find it added very soon. As for your second point, I'd very much like to see a second grouping style panel specifically devoted to trades (many people already, quite wrongfully, use the group panel for this purpose anyway). You could put up a short ad with your haves and wants and just wait for people to contact you. A search function for specific words in the ad such as weakening+enfeebling, large, scale, etc. could be added or for even more coolness even allow players to link their haves directly to the ad with the ctrl+right click so the specific items could be browsed. The current in game trade channel is quite useless as it's based on which area of the game you are in. Bare minimum, the trade channel should be made server wide.