View Full Version : Revisiting Henchmen

06-14-2010, 12:30 PM
I've tossed this out before, but with the recent bent toward ease of use, I thought I might revisit it... Henchmen.

We have hirelings, which are an interesting and occasionally useful addition. How about we expand upon those, conceptually and mechanically, and look at henchmen.

Consider a henchman a permanent hireling contract. Instead of paying for the contract, you pay when you summon the henchman.
- Progression... A henchman should progress with your character. When you level up, your henchman levels up. Maybe automatically, maybe via payment of some sort. (Pay to have your henchman trained?) Possibly your henchman is always a level below your character.
- Gear... you should be able to donate gear to your henchman, but once you give it to your henchman, you don't get it back.
- Training... To a limited degree, you should be able to train your henchmen. Use spell X on monster Y, do not use spell X on monster Z. Use weapon A when confronted with monster B... etc.
- Spell selection... To a limited degree, you should have some influence over your henchman's spell selection, and, maybe more importantly, what spells show up on their hotbar.

However, beyond those customization components a henchman should behave just like a hireling. No need to throw extra complexity onto the game engine.

You should open up the chance to acquire a henchmen by reaching favor levels. Cleric - House J, Caster/Bard - House P, Fighter - House D, Barb - House K, FvS - Silver Flame. Probably just first tier to get a low level henchman.