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06-14-2010, 12:16 PM
Are you finding that:

you spend more time waiting for raid groups to form than actually running them?
raids on normal are boring, but you can’t find people willing to try hard or elite content?
even after briefing everyone on what will happen in a raid and what each players role will be, the raid ends up wiping due to under-equipped toons and players who insist on not playing as a team?

Are you the type of player who:

is online 4+ hours per day, 4 or more days a week?
is willing to tackle the hardest content in the game, including epic quests and raids to get the top gear in the game?
wants to attack new content so you can be 1st to complete on the server, and can contribute ideas on how to expedite completion and reduce resource consumption?
has 2 or more lvl 20 toons, and possibly some have been run through the TR process?

Are you ready to take your DDO gaming experience to the next level? Then Over Raided (OR) may be the guild you are looking for. OR is a group of veteran players who enjoy running end game content. To that end, we:

run all raids including Reavers, Hound, VOD, Accursed Ascension, DQ, and Shroud multiple times per week (some multiple times per day), generally on elite.
run top end raids (TOD elite, Von 6 epic, and DQ epic) multiple times per week, often running multiple groups when TR activity is low.
run groups through epic quests hunting for scrolls/seals/shards on a daily basis
are continually leveling up new toons and running TRs through the leveling process as quickly as possible.

Some of OR’s achievements include (claims of being first are Orien specific):

first to complete Shroud on elite.
first to complete VOD on elite.
first to complete Ascension Chamber on normal/hard/elite.
first to complete TOD on normal/hard/elite.
first to complete VON 6 on epic.
first to complete DQ on epic.
first to create an epic item, now with multiple items including several epic SOS.

Over Raided is currently looking for top tier players to add to our ranks. If you believe your play style is a fit for OR, and your toon(s) would be able to contribute to the guild, contact Aikou or Starn in game.

06-24-2010, 09:11 PM
I do believe I would contribute to the guild.
I do not believe I am well liked.
So does that factor in? Seems to have for me.

06-28-2010, 12:16 PM
Sent mail in game...