View Full Version : TR Sorc lvl 16 with 8 alts (lvl 10-16) looking for GMT +1 guild

06-12-2010, 07:57 PM
Hey guys

I'm a new addict and intend to stay so. To cover my needs I need a GMT +1 guild that raids 22:00-02:00 Fridays, Saturdays, 20:00-23:30 Sundays and/or 19:30-23:00 weekdays. Not necessarily all days but twice per week would be nice, e.g. Wednesday and Friday or so.

I have access to all raids/dungeons and I'm flagged for Abbot, Shroud, Reaver. I would be happy to be able to do epic content later.

An EST guild is also possible if its a guild where you raid at the above mentioned times minus 6 hours. So, in the afternoon :-)

A happy and professional guild would be awesome.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Best regards