View Full Version : Sitting Ducks static in The Sublime Permadeath Guild

06-12-2010, 05:09 PM
Since the website has been down about a week now (back up Monday? *fingers crossed*) I figured I'd post here. You've probably figured it out already but Dillinger won't be able to make the group anymore. Hopefully I'll be able to sit in a few times with Brock or Hamilton in the future. It looks like my playtime in DDO will be limited to weekends for the summer.

06-14-2010, 11:27 AM
Sorry I have not been on much just need a break from Death’s Terror.
With the Loss of McCuzin the 1st & 2nd. I took a Small break from PD with my Non-Guilded Toon “DaWall” .
Been Helping Newbie’s in Snowy Korthos with the Basic (Teaching them how to use the Social Window / Extra Shortcut Bars / Setting up Spells / Earning Favor / Using Block and how to fight standing still if they’re having a hard time hitting a target due to the -4 movement attack mod)