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06-12-2010, 10:21 AM

Silver/cold iron +10 seeker scimitar/kukri/pick of pure good
Silver/Cold iron holy burst scimitar/kukri/pick of x
Large Devil Scales
Finger Necklace
A good Portal Beater
Spectral Gloves


The Good Stuff (stuff I am currently using on characters, but would possibly give up for the right price or trade):


Pearl of Power X

Cloak of Protection +5 ML: 13

+8 AC Bracers
+8 AC Bracers ML:15 rr: warforged
+7 AC Bracers
+7 AC Bracers ML: 13 rr: dwarf

Belt of Heavy fort ML: 11
Proof Against Poison Belt of Greater False Life ML: 15

Proof Against Poison ring of Balance +7 ML: 11
+5 Charismatic Ring ML: 11
+6 Ogre Power Ring of Moderate Fortification
+6 Health Ring of Moderate Fortification
25% Striding Ring of Springing +5
+1 Charismatic Ring of Resistance +4


Stat Damage:

+1 Weakening Flametouched Kama of Enfeebling ML: 10
+1 Frost Weakening Kama of Enfeebling ML: 10
+4 Weakening Flametouched Iron Kama of Enfeebling
+5 Weakening Shortsword of Enfeebling

+2 Paralyzing Silver Heavy Pick of Puncturing
+1 Icy Burst Shocking Burst Heavy Pick of Puncturing

Boss Beaters

+5 Metalline Shortbow of Pure Good
+3 Metalline Repeating Light Crossbow of Pure Good
+1 Metalline Dwarven Axe of Pure Good
+3 Metalline Light Pick of Pure Good
+1 Improved Roaring Silver Light Mace of Pure Good
+5 Metalline Flametouched Iron Handaxe of Everbright
+1 Metalline Flametouched Iron Dwarven Axe of Improved Shattermantle


+1 Holy Handwraps of Weighted 5% ML: 14
+4 Handwraps of Weighted 5% (ML:14, rr:halfling)


+1 Icy Burst Paralyzing Kama ML: 10
+1 Icy Burst Paralyzing Longsword ML: 10
+2 Strength Sapping Darkwood Greatclub of Greater Undead Bane
+1 Seeker +10 Light Pick of Pure Good
+1 Wounding Byeshk Heavy Pick of Pure Good
+1 Icy Burst Vorpal Byeshk Khopesh of Shattermantle
+1 Icy Burst Paralyzing Dwarven Axe of Backstabbing +3/5
+2 Icy Burst Holy Burst Scimitar of Improved Shattermantle ML: 18


Various combinations of small, medium, large offered for devil scales.

The Other Stuff:


+3 Paralyzing Densewood Repeating Light Crossbow
+1 Vorpal Frost Sickle of Slowburst
+2 Kama of Smiting
+2 Frost Seeker +2 Kama of Backstabbing +5/8
+1 Frost Silver Kama of Improved Destruction
+1 Frost Anarchic Kama of Backstabbing +5/8
+2 Icy Burst Metaline Heavy Pick of Backstabbing +5/8
+5 Frost Anarchic Burst Kama of Shattermantle ML: 18
+2 Frost Seeker +10 Kama of Backstabbing
+2 Seeker Longsword of Greater Construct Bane
+2 Seeker +4 Kama of Greater Parrying


Feather Falling Boots of Elvenkind +7
20% Striding Boots
+2 Vicious Handwraps of Disruption (kill undead unless they save)
+5 Weakening Handwraps of Parrying (rr: human)
Underwater Action Necklace of Protection from Energy: Cold
+13 Necklace of Haggling
+5 Con Health Ring of Spell Resistance (13)
+6 Con Health Belt of Lesser False Life


Underwater Action Helm of Haggling
Ward of Undeath
+4 Heavy Steel Shield of Resistance+4
Deathblock Robe of Heavy Fortification ML: 14
+3 Acid Guard Mithral Full Plate of Spearblock
+4 Deathblock Adamantine Full Plate

Sentinels chain unavelling upgradeable items:

Tarnished Blademark's Docent
Tarnished Deneith Heavy Chain
Splintered Winter's Wrath
Filthy Kukri
Rusted Crown
Corroded Rapier
Chipped Bastard Sword

Caster weapons

+3 Superior Efficacy VI Scepter
+2 Superior Ardor VI Scepter
+2 Dagger of the Magi
+3 Superior Potency VI Quarterstaff
+3 Superior Potency VI Scepter

Message Artilleriae or Videbimus in game, or send a message.

Thanks for looking.