View Full Version : tempest/kensai/assassin? possible good build?

06-11-2010, 06:42 PM
so i was looking around. and want to create a custom character. i was wondering if i actually could take three different prestige classes and on top of that have all of the bonus's stack.

i want tempest for the TWF, kensai for the critical boost. and assassin for sneak attack boost.

i would be either an elf race using OTWF scimitars or human OTWF khopesh. using OTWF as my only means of attack and putting my enhancements for each class where needed. fighter critical, ranger/elf scimitar. and rogue sneak attacks.

im just wondering what you guys think...is this just a complete bunk idea? or would it hold its own in a fight?

my assumption would be stacking sneak attacks with critical attacks using ranger for favored damage and of course free ITWF and fighter for OTWF and master in scimitar/khopesh and rogue for sneak and extra skill points.

i dont have the whole character build out. but i can custom as i go. im just wondering if this would work in later levels or would i be too far spread apart?

also i was thinking a 16/16/14 str/dex/con build. soooo, any advice would help

06-21-2010, 04:11 PM
Take human for the bonus feat, bonus skill point, and solid enchancements. You'll need a high enough INT to keep your rogue skills maxed when you're in the figther lvls. You dont need a high dex cause ranger will get the TWF skills. Dex/Wis/Cha abilties ... dex for ranged attack, wis for ranger spells, cha for bluff/haggle which are secondary.

Depending if youre 28 or 32 pt building, I'd go minimum 16 str, 16 int, and 14 con.