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06-11-2010, 04:35 PM
Here are a few issues I am having with Lamannia.

1)Favored Soul class. I purchased the favored soul class shortly after it was available on the Live server, so it SHOULD BE unlocked across all servers. Transfer over my lvl 20 favored soul and Lamannia is saying i need to purchase it again. Fine, open up the store and it costs 795 to purchase. Only have 218 points.

2)Points, points, points. So, I thought I could hunt down Sir Points-Alot and get 500 points. But, I guess that was a limited time. Why? Please enough with the "follow us on Twitter" or talk to an NPC once a day. Just make it so anyone that loads into Lamannia (the TEST server) receives 5000 points (or 10000) to play around with. Nothing gets transferred to the live server, correct??? At least give out enough points so we can unlock items/classes or reincarnate if need be.

3) Once more... turbine points. I have a 14 ranger/ 4 monk that was planning on longswords and whirling steel strike. But again, not enough turbine points to reincarnate to test out. I think I have enough shards to make a flawless and just respec a feat, but I would need 2 (one for weapon focus and one for whirling steel). So again, give out points.

4) Guild rank. Since I couldn't reincarnate my 14 ranger/4 monk, I instead decided to create a new guild test out how to get guild renown (and see how insane it will be for my small guild on the Live servers). Since, she is lvl 18 and I wanted a bunch of mobs so I would have more bags to pick up (although now it seems to have changed that you don't pick up treasure bags? is that correct?) I decided to run Sins of Attrition on Causal which made it a level 18 quest. Killed over 160 mobs and looted 5 chests and received 35 guild renown! Headed over to Kobold Assualt on Elite (lvl 5 or 6 quest) and received 75 guild renown. How is that working correctly? Shouldn't a quest equal to my level give more renown than one 12 levels under my level?


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06-11-2010, 04:43 PM
Indeed, the whole unlocking issue has been quite severe on Lamannia (and not to mention extremely annoying) for the premium and free players. To make matters worse - we lost the pointsalot guy as fast as he was given to us. And yes, nothing you do on Lamannia gets transferred or carried over to the live servers so I cannot understand aswell why we aren't simply given a 10000 Turbine Point starter package when we log on Lamannia for the first time.

Yes, the treasure bags are now automatically picked up to prevent guilds from running alts through the same quest over and over picking up the same treasure bags on different characters. But I am sure the end-game (epic and raids) will provide more renown (or at least should) to higher level people though there is always a change that RNG will play a cruel trick on you and leave you renownless(?) after an hour of raiding giving players an impression of Kobold Assault being the best place for renown farming

06-11-2010, 05:11 PM
Well, it is not a testing Server but a preview Server, the testing is already done on an other Server :). So its more are Sneak Preview. Lama land is also totally independent and not connected to the billing Servers, so you neither can't buy points there nor access your current Turbine account Balance.

Sir Pointalots is like other special Event NPCs (e.g. Risia Ice Game) probably only available on the weekend. But even with 500points over 3 days it was for several people not enough to respec. The reason why we only get that limited amount of Points is I guess that they want to prevent people to swap over to Lama land and play there for free instead to play and pay on the Live servers and buy there points.

Sometimes on special events on the Lama Servers (like yesterday evening) several of the Devs come online and it may happen that you get boosted there.

However, maybe you can make that Market Quest with Lorienia (or however her name is) to earn an other free repsec as a reward. An other option may be to buy a Heart of Wood or Shards and transfer that Character over, in case you still have 1 of the 5 transfers available. Points get not transfered but your inventory.

Last but not least the Guild Rank. Yes it is a bit strange, but you still get your Guild Points even for slaying mobs, but you not need to pickup anything anymore (which is probably easier for a lot ppl that not care about the collectibles). Just from time to time it is announced that you earned 5-25 points. Those points even drop more often then before, but they lowered the value (previously you got 50-150 points). However it seems that you can get the points more easy if you run with a bigger group instead of soloing, as whoever hit a mob with guild points it will distributed to everybody in the group and instance. The idea behind this is probably that it should encourage team play.

The reason why a low level give you the same amount as a high level is to give all the same chance to level a guild, no matter which level the character has as far as I understood the System, while the slayer points are lower then the end reward points you can pull out of chests.

We will see how the Guild system will work out on the live.

06-11-2010, 05:20 PM
Chiming in here...

I think one of the main reasons they want to be careful with giving away points on Lamannia is so F2P and Premium players simply do not make it their home server instead of one of the main servers.

It does also give incentive to be a VIP if you want to test/see the new quests that are coming to Lamannia. However I would be curious to know how many of the current testers on Lamannia are VIPs, Premiums, and F2P.

I think they should make things a bit more easy to access to people on the Lamannia server, giving out some more points to test things, and such. But if they do that, the Lamannia server should probably also be closed when there is nothing new to test.

Just some thoughts.