View Full Version : Crusaders Of The Old School is Recruiting players with common sense.

06-11-2010, 03:19 AM
Crusaders of the Old School is looking for new guild members, we came to this game around six months ago migrating from various other games we were more than tired of... but have found that our current roster for this game is just too small. My main goal is too get guild membership to the point that 10-15 of us are on most every night allowing us to get done whatever we want to get done. The other officers and I maintain a range of characters from 4-16 so we can hop in to help whenever wherever. We accept experienced players, new players , whatever as long as you have a decent amount of common sense and some manners you'll fit in fine. I do want to point out that this won't be one of those huge guilds where everyone drops in and out and doesn't know each other... I'm friends with everyone in it now and I don't plan getting membership so big that that changes. Most of us have other obligations and families and we understand that, some of us get on every night , some of us once a week and that's great too.

Interested parties can contact us via in game email or just in game
Guild Contacts: drehd, blysse, darrowe, reluctance, reluktance, revolateon, bigjad