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06-11-2010, 12:37 AM
(This has probably already been suggested, but I'm putting a plot to it.)

Plot: A powerful summoner has declared war on Stormreach, and you've been drafted to fight off his extra-planar assault! Drive the invaders from House Deneith, then proceed to remove the threat from the rest of Stormreach, slaying the extra-planar generals and finally bringing down the summoner behind this. You may find help in allies you've made during your adventuring career...


1: Listen to the briefing from Seargant Quint (Duh.)

2: Clear House Deneith of Shavarath invaders (Demons of course, Battleground in the military house, of course- Archons wouldn't help this summoner. And you will recieve help from Ballistae (OH YES. OHHHH YES.), the Depths questgivers (in the Hammersmith's Inn where the General is), Oleg D' Deneith (near the tower), and Deneith Guards (dispersed around House D).)
-Slay ## invaders (Duh.)
-Slay the general (A named Flesh Render. He's in the Hammersmith's Inn)
-(Optional) Keep ## Deneith Guards alive (Duh.)

3: Clear the Marketplace of Daanvian invaders (Yes, Daanvi, because the Market is unlawful, right? Really it's just for filler. Fight lawful evil Paladins and Monks- and a few scattered remnants of the Gianthold armies on their side! You will recieve help from scattered Stormreach Guards, the DeGenev Brothers, Kear the Gold Dragon (w00t!), and the legendary Nat Gann (thief-acro style Rogue of course). Those Daanvians would be crazy strong, but with Kear around, the area is balanced out.)
-Slay ## invaders (Duh)
-Slay the general (The old knight from PoP, come back to purge the chaos of the Marketplace, standing in the tent)
-(Optional) Deal with the Quickfeet (Either bribe them with a lot of platinum to help you, Bluff or Intim check to cause them to flee, Diplo check to help you, or of course kill them. Either way you get a chest.)

4: Clear House Jorasco of Dollurh invaders (undead in House J, classic DDO. You will recieve aid from scattered Jorasco Clerics and the very miffed spirit of Delera Omaren.)
-Slay ## invaders (Duh.)
-Slay the general (Arkasic Dryden will be standing- no, floating- in front of the enclave.)
-(Optional) Slay Jacoby Drexelhand again (returned as a Wight, and roaming the brawling area! Kill him and yield a chest.)

5: Clear House Phiarlan of Fernian and Risian invaders (You'll see why in a bit. Obviously Mephits and Elementals will be running/flying around like they own the place. You will receive help from Phiarlan Special Agents (rogues!), Phiarlan Performers (bards!), Fingalar D' Phiarlan (who will give you the P Buffs at half price), and Chief Ungurz (near the Tangleroot entrance).)
-Slay ## Fernians
-Slay ## Risians (Duhx2.)
-Slay the generals (Basthuul and Zelnath from Threnal! Find them near the Threnal caravan.)
- (Optional) Help Ungurz exterminate Whisperdoom's Offspring (kill the nasssty magic spiders placed near the entrance to Spawn of Whisperdoom, then talk to Ungurz (if he's alive) to get a chest. If he's dead, you get the chest when you kill the spiders.)

6: Clear House Kundarak of Aurum agents (They're working for the summoner! Dwarves, of course, and some Necrotic Zombies. And you recieve help from the Elite Guards near VoN entrance and the Laughing Knives! (Dirge=Fighter (Kensei style), Orphne=Cleric (RS style), Veil=Ranger (DS or AA type), Haywire=Rogue (Mechanic with Grenades =D), and Marek=Wizard (Archmage or no PrE). A sword of some kind, anti-Necrotic wand, a few Veil Avengers, and a packaged Haywire Force Trap are available for use only in House Kundarak.)
-Slay ## Aurum fighters (Includes Aurum and Zombies, of course.)
-Slay the general (Arach D' Kundarak decided to work with the Aurum again. Kill that jerk, but he's riding Arach's Knight II and has his hounds with him.)
-(Optional) Rescue Gatekeeper Grotz (Kill the enemies around his little shop he set up of ham and prayer beads (remember Gianthold?), then talk to him. You'll get a chest, and everyone can take up to three Tasty Hams. He'll also sell more Tasty Hams for a price.)

7: Clear the Twelve of Lammanian invaders (Even though we helped their plane manifest... ungrateful little *censored*. Earth and Air elementals and those obnoxious disorienting fog-spewing Vale mephits will roam the area. You will get aid from Bazbeaux (the Tele-to-twelve Djinni in Meridia), a couple Eladrin (from Running with the Devils), Dalsamira Courdry, and some other key members of the Twelve.)
-Slay ## Lammanians (Need i say it? Duh.)
-Obtain the key to the Tower (Held at the vale's entrance by Nishan the Djinni.)
-Slay the general (In the tower of the Twelve, fight the mighty air elemental, Tempiastos the Stormbringer. new character, lol, and a pain. He even has a small chance to bypass a Thief-Acrobat trip immunity.)
-(Optional) Slay the Librarian, (forgot his name) (Remember Recovering the Lost Tome, the Twelve quest made so early it was Coinlord favor? Well, him and a small team of undead are standing in the Twelve tavern, with wind and force traps prepared that hamper progress to where he's standing. If you have a rogue that can get the traps, now is his time to shine!)

8: Clear the Harbor of Xorian invaders (guess where they came in from? Beholders, Tharaak Hounds, and Mindflayers, and the kobolds are working with them! You'll receive aid from Stormreach Guards, Harbormaster Zin's brand-new Superior Mythril Defender, a few weak adventurer-like characters (who will be killed almost immediately) and Niles Cage with his motley crew.)
-Slay ## Xorians (Duh.)
-Slay ## Kobolds (That's the last Duh, I swear!)
-Slay the general (A Greater Beholder, Rozgix. This beholder has more eyes, a larger and more powerful retinue of spells, like Shadow Walk and Prismatic Spray, and an even larger Antimagic cone! He wards the way to the Inspired Quarter.)
-(Optional) Slay the kobolds' newest ringleader (No, not Bloodknuckles. Near the Waterworks, you'll find a familiar face: Kasquik the Mighty! But now he's called Kasquik the Exalted, seems to have True Reincarnated (how did he get so big otherwise?), sports a brand-new enormous electrical spear, and comes with an elite squad of Kobold Berserkers and Witch Doctors!
-(Optional) Defeat the Traitors (six powerful adventurers in the Lobster's Brawling Area, attacking some lower-level adventurers in there! Who woulda thunk it? Defeat these traitors to Stormreach- a Halfling Rogue, an Elf Wizard, a Warforged Barbarian, a Drow Cleric, a Dwarf Fighter, and a Human Ranger- in the greatest tavern brawl Stormreach will ever see! (What a hilarious satire... if they name one Haunte of Mashina, for a good rofl, all staff will get +1 rep from me!))

9: End the threat to Stormreach (Inspired Quarter time! No, the summoner should NOT be Dar Qat. At least, I hope not. But all those Quori there will help the summoner. Meaning, prepare for nightmare monsters. And as allies, you get Cellimas, Jeets, and Talbron- back, and ready to fight some Quori!)
-Lower the barriers shielding the Summoner
-Eliminate the Summoner's Guardians (one of each "Nightmare monster", two Shavarath Lieutenants that weren't in the Hammersmith's, and, just because the summoner's a jerk, a Marut.)
-Slay the Arcane Dragon Kyrgramortiir! (Watch the Summoner polymorph into a Dragon, then get to the fighting. As an Arcane Dragon, Kyr can use any elemental breath- fire, cold, lightning, or acid- and also can loose a force blast from its mouth. Kyr will also cast Finger of Death. At certain points, Kyr will disappear and summon weakened image versions of bosses:
Marilith Image (at 3/4 HP)
Stormreaver Image (at 1/2 HP)
Arraetrikos Image (at 1/4 HP)
Kill Kyr and you're done!

It's just an idea. Obviously it would be difficult to implement, but I think it would be well-received among the players. Maybe some pre-raid flagging quests, but it could also be like Tempest's Spine. Or separate the raid into shorter quests.

List of suggestions:
No outsiders- Then what would the summoner summon? Still, you're all right about the Devils being overused. Demons, if anything. But as for the other outsiders being "too weak", they could just boost their power, like they do in a lot of quests.

Perhaps the theme could be changed, with a powerful Magus or even a Psion leading the "bad guys" in a gianthold-style takeover. Though the Traitors should definitely stay. With Deneith getting hit by the Blood Tide pirates, some Splinterskull hobgoblins and magic spiders running around house P, the market being filled with all those Gianthold types, maybe some beefed-up Duality skeletons in there... Aurum will stay in House Kundarak, of course. Could work.

Although, even if outsiders are not necessarily evil, some will want to be. The plane of Daanvi for example is lawful aligned, but nobody says anything about good or evil- leading me to believe that they can be any alignment they want as far as good and evil are concerned.

06-11-2010, 02:46 AM
could we rehash it without the outsiders? Most high level is devils. Suggest new monsters to toss into the equation.

And try make it less of a wall of text. Make each point a paragraph maybe?

06-11-2010, 03:40 AM
sounds really nice, but maybe use some demons instead of outsiders or devils (outsiders are rather lower lvls and not necessarily evil, devils are already used a lot by ddo => use demons =) )

06-11-2010, 08:47 AM
Added my response to your posts to that list of suggestions. They could work.