View Full Version : new quest idea

06-09-2010, 05:46 PM
I logged in and was in the bank.. a nearby dwarf announced that they needed to speak to me, and when i talked to her, she said something about people breaking into the bank....

here's where my idea comes in... every time you enter the bank, you get a chance at a quest availability.. the quest is to retrieve one stolen item from your bank, at end of the quest, you use a chest called <names> belongings, the item lost automatically returns to your bank <or you just reloot it if thats too difficult of a mechanic>, as well as a stash of the bandits treasure..

the quest should scale for every level, and the monster content should change to around the same make up of an explorable zone of your characters level.

heck even make it an adventure.. make it like mario "your item is not in this chest, try the next area" and you move on.. it could be loads of fun

on a side note... allow mail addressed to "Bank" to deposit items remotely?