View Full Version : WTT: +3 Metalline Rapier of Pure Good + Plat

06-08-2010, 06:21 PM
Updated: Another one for trade, looking for additional items.

For trade: +3 metalline rapier of Pure good
+2 metalline adamantine shortsword of pure good

Looking for: Metalline handwraps of pure good
metalline kama of pure good
anarchic handwraps of greater consruct bane (or possibly kama(s))

If the items are good enough, I'll consider trading 2 for one (probably for either of the wraps, a +5 m/pg kama, or a pair of the anarchic greater construct bane kamas); I'll throw in platinum if it'll grease the wheels.

If you want to deal, please send an in-game mail / tell to Kierkan; or you can email me at aaron.m.eden@gmail.com

Hit me up!