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06-07-2010, 08:12 PM
I've been the primary maintainer of the DDO page at appdb.winehq.org for a while now, so after the Forsworn 'RP' (the guild I used to be part of) finally fell apart to the point where I didn't find any worth in being a part of it (all of the officers and the leader had quit playing and only one or two people signed on more often than once a week), I decided to make a linux/open-source oriented guild.

As you may have guessed, the linux sub-community of DDO isn't particularly huge. Nonetheless, I wanted a guild so that linux newbies would have a group of people to ask about how to set DDO up, or even how to do various non-DDO oriented stuff with linux.

So, without further ado: We are Tux Familiar.

The name's a little odd, I know. I sort of intended it to look like a title, as if we are Tux's (the linux mascot) familiars.

Who we are: We're a group of linux geeks and nerds who enjoy DDO. A good number of us (3/4, at the moment) avoid Windows like the plague and only play DDO from linux. We enjoy challenge and screwing around - we're not too fond of taking the game too seriously, but get quite bored if things are too easy.

What you can expect from us: We are all at minimum somewhat knowledgeable on the workings of linux and Wine (the Windows API and compatibility layer for linux). The officers and leader most likely are quite strong with linux in particular. Expect us to be willing to help you with linux/Wine-related problems, expect us to be relatively friendly, and if you play with us, expect us to try to push the limits of the group.

What you can expect from me: I'm a bit of an ass, but always try to be helpful. I will do my absolute best to help you with anything linux-related. I will also probably make sarcastic comments about your choice of linux distribution (no offense intended).

Game-wise, I will push people to and probably past their limits, because I always want things to be challenging. I will expect you to stick with the group even if something goes horribly wrong; I will expect you to explain to the party why you're abandoning in the middle of the quest if you absolutely have to (and if you're a member of my guild, there'd better be a good reason, something other than "This group sucks").

Finally, I will most definitely not hold your hand. If you're new to a quest, fine - I think that actually makes things more enjoyable. I prefer when newbies lead the group. What I won't do is tell you what's around a corner, or in the middle of an empty room - that's your job to find out. If you really are so afraid of what's up ahead, either stay behind the group or ask if someone would be willing to scout ahead. The only thing in this game that annoys me nearly as much as (or possibly even more than) someone abandoning group in the middle of a quest is when the leader of the group announces over voice chat every little detail about what's coming up! I will never do that, nor will I be very amicable toward those that do.

Requirements for joining: If you're still reading this, aren't opposed to my previous rant about things that force rage-induced headaches on me in game, and are interested in joining, that's probably enough. However, I'll make a quick bullet point list of the main things that I'm going to require:

This is primarily a linux users' guild. This does not mean that you must be running linux; however it does mean that you need to have some interest in linux and the open source movement and you must be willing to help linux newbies out (even if it just means pointing them to one of our more knowledgeable members).
If you ever abandon a group in the middle of a quest, you'd better have a good reason for it (even if it's just "Oh, man, it's storming outside, I need to shut down my computer.").
You must be capable of taking care of yourself (i.e. don't force the group leader to tell you exactly where to stand in every fight) and be willing to stand up to a challenge.

If you're still interested, send me a pm, either here or at appdb.winehq.org. I don't expect that we'll get many hits, so as long as you meet the above requirements, I don't see why you'd be denied membership (unless hell freezes over, leading to daemons being forced to the material plane, at which point they will possess all machines, leading to the robot holocaust, after which the daemon-cyborgs will all start playing every MMO on the planet simultaneously, and they will all be playing on linux because daemon/robot hybrids are likely more intelligent than the average flesh-sack).

A note to Windows users: Yeah, I know, I just insulted your intelligence. Like I said, I'm a bit of an ass. I don't hold anything against you, and I'm not going to claim you're a moron because you run Windows, but I will probably poke fun at you from time to time, and there will never be an instance where I will believe that a Windows user is computer-savvy. Windows users can be Windows-savvy, but not computer-savvy.

06-07-2010, 08:15 PM
The funny thing is, I thought this was a bid to get penguins as a possible pet for wizards if we ever get them ingame, before I read the thread! Good luck!

06-07-2010, 08:34 PM
The funny thing is, I thought this was a bid to get penguins as a possible pet for wizards if we ever get them ingame, before I read the thread! Good luck!

I would play my wizard way, way, way more often if this were the case! Hehe. Penguins.