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06-07-2010, 03:58 PM
OK, probably a bad time to post this (:p) but there does appear to be some interest by parties to go "travelling" between the actual "prime locations" (Gianthold, etc) and going the distance to reach said places.

There will obviously be work to do but there is a general layout already there anyway, but would it be possible to create such an access for people from entry and exit points that lead into these prime locations from the Supermap and vice versa?

I'm certain there will be Role Play groups that would love to go the distance to travel to a new/old location they know about but don't actually know how to get there yet.

As for things on the way, is it possible you can get client side machines to randomly generate monsters which produce zero xp and loot along the way? That way, it won't impact on the MMO aspect, but gives people a wider world to explore and play around with. Especially role play groups that don't want to just teleport to their desired location.

Considering the distance between the places, people would have a great time exploring Xendrick and Eberron.

Might need to convince WotC about it though.


06-07-2010, 04:13 PM
I used to play GuildWars, and they had this option.. once you had physically walked to (almost all) a location, you could just bring up the map and teleport there. Other people in your group would get a yes/no box asking if they wanted to go with you (assuming they had been there before).

I did not appreciate that features until I came to DDO. Having to kill myself to get to Meridia is a little extreme.

06-07-2010, 04:18 PM
There are currently "Teleport" Gates in all four major houses, Teleport SPells and "Friendship" Bracelets in game that do all that. Of course, they still haven't been updated to include Reavers Refuge and Amrath..... still, they ARE there.

06-07-2010, 04:20 PM
Well, I was more thinking the former option, of being able to walk/run to explore the outside walls of the world, rather than just teleport. Also gives meaning to the spells Teleport and Greater Teleport I feel. Also gives things people to do when they're bored. PvP after all seems to build hate between people who go in there. Why not give an exploration guide to Xendrick Eberron instead?

Fighter "Gee guys, how much further to Gianthold?"

Bard "Lets, see if we head North for another 5 minutes, we should make it before sundown"

Wizard "5 MINUTES? With our running speed?!" *pulls out scroll of Teleport*

Wizard "I'm not waiting another 5 minutes to get there!" *incantes the runes on the scroll of teleport*


Fighter "Oh look to the West, there it is."

Bard "Oh look, there's our Wiz too. What a waste of a scroll."

Well, something like that anyway. Would be fun I thought in role play groups and those liking to explore. :)