View Full Version : hardcore questing from The Core

06-07-2010, 06:02 AM
Desert Caravan (on hard, 5-manned); Purge the Fallen Shrine (on hard, 4-manned); Made to Order (on hard, full party).

Made to Order and Desert Caravan were guild firsts. And Desert Caravan was just about the last quest those characters lived to see.

Mobararo (level 12 dorf: barbarian 7, ranger 2, rogue 3)
Vyrank (level 13 wf wizzie)
Noxsun (level 12 drow: favored soul 11, sorcerer 1)
Nazgule (level 12 elf: ranger 11, sorcerer 1)
Osgona (level 10 human: ranger, arcane archer)

We were stunned, stung, poisoned, harried, tripped, surrounded, critted, bewildered, chased, incapped, and even killed! But Nazgule got better :)

With the final seconds clicking down, we managed to slough through a yellow dungeon alert, raise Naz, and get the heck out of dodge. No chance to the loot the chests. So the reward for our guild-first completion of Desert Caravan? 605 gold pieces. And glory.

Bragging rights provide only half the satisfaction. The 10 minutes of pure panic leading up to completion was worth my yearly DDO subscription.

Afterwards, my guildies calmed their nerves a bit and said, "Well, I don't think we'll be running THAT one again any time soon!"

But that's just the thing! My character barely survived, and now I want to throw another into that nest of vipers. My other level 12s are waiting in line: Modunaiho, the dashing blademaster, and Movenom the assassin; and Moslizax, the 28 point elf warchanter.

Come and get some hardcore.


Mojejido (level 14 elf wizard, guild leader)