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06-06-2010, 11:57 PM
Hi all,

I already started on a new toon and wanted to see what some of you think of it. Inspired by the ideas of the self healing batteries monk splashes (ie Solar Phoenix and the likes), I wanted to create one of my own and see how it pans out.

I didnt want to risk the new update changing how the healing ki works, so that is why I took the minimum 3lvl monks. So it is no big deal to just use a +3lesser heart and make her more of a main stream Pally. So basically this toon would play in 2 separate modes, the self healing mode using kamas or wraps, and the dps mode using Khopeshes.

For self healing
With Human 15pal/3mnk/2ftr I will get the following amp:
Pal Devotion IV
Human Imp recovery 30%
Monk Recovery 10%
Hunter of the Dead 20%
Then factor in the DT armor/Dream Edges or GS/Jidz-Tet'ka etc... would prob be over 350% healing amp. which would be around 200hp healing ki give or take?

For dps mode, would switch out of stance and go Khopeshes. With 15lvl pal, I will have holy weap, Zeal, Divine might III, Fighter haste boosts, Divine Sac II. (Can always retrain to Knight of the Chalice temporarily for extended play with devils and such)

Extra perks are:
Evasion + excellent saves
UMD free use of Pally spells.
4-5 extra feats
decent HP

So I was torn between this idea and another similar concept I was thinking of 11ranger/3monk/6pally.

Just bored, figured I would through out there, maybe someone would point out something I overlooked before I waste too much time on the toon.

06-07-2010, 02:02 PM
Shintao Monk I - bypass Bykesh DR (combines well with KotC for a devil hunter). So, HotD would not be an option and reduce your self heal.

Also, may wish to look into FvS as this class is more melee centered or may want to take Cleric (as they are adding radaint Servant PrE) if you are going to keep HotD. This MIGHT make a effect Evil Bane toon but since Shintao and Radaint are new, there is a lot of fine tuning and exploiting to be figured out.

06-10-2010, 10:18 PM
Are you a Weapon Finesse/Dex build or Str based? My Paladin/Monk/Rogue is Weapon Finesse based and seems to do just fine on DPS in terms of killing stuff solo. Unfortunately that rules out Khopeshes as a viable alternative and so my overall DPS is not great, really just enough to kill stuff solo using the incessant healing from FoL supplemented by LoH when needed. DPS for trash is great but DPS on bosses is a wear 'em down by not dying process in a lot of cases.

I'd love to figure out a way to go Str based and still keep the insane defenses but I just don't see how. The maximum Dex bonus goes towards so many things in the build and all of them are necessary so I live with a 20 Str and rely on Divine Might, Divine Favor, Divine Sacrifice and FoL as my mainstays with Exalted Smites thrown in to down something fast when I need to.

Looking at your build's description I'm guessing you are less Dex and more Strength and rely on the heavily buffed Monk heals to keep you up instead of not getting hit in the first place. Does that work well for you? I'm finding that if I can kill the casters fast and wedge myself in a corner where my back is not exposed that I basically take no damage that FoL can't cover with an occasional healing ki thrown in to recover 25-40 pts when they have incrementally gotten me down some. With heavy fortification, invulnerability and high AC I just don't get hit hard enough to cause problems unless 3 or 4 mobs all manage to roll 20's in close proximity which rarely happens and even then LoH covers the gap.

06-10-2010, 10:48 PM
This guy has already built one: http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?t=243511

I built a thief version and tested out WSS, see the above post for my observations.

As far as AC goes, you'll be able to get ~80 with raid buffs once you get all your gear.

HoTD is nice for leveling, but once you cap you won't need the special immunities and the healing amp will be overkill unless you get lucky on your dragontouched. DoS is a lot cheaper and more aligned with the build.

You'll like it.

06-11-2010, 11:23 AM
What does DoS add to this build? The tower shield & heavy armor bonuses are obviously useless; is it just for the defensive stance?

06-11-2010, 04:22 PM
What does DoS add to this build? The tower shield & heavy armor bonuses are obviously useless; is it just for the defensive stance?

It’s primarily a personal decision based on AP cost and style.

All three PrE’s are fine choices so long as you are know how you want to perform.

All enhancement lines cost 6 (4+2) for tier II. Total costs are as follows:

HoTD II -15 AP
Things I take regardless:
Extra Lay on Hands II – 3 AP

Things I think are wasted:
Extra Turning II – 3 AP
Improved Turning – II – 3 AP

Primary benefits and commentary:
20% amp
Energy drain immunity - Nice for the sub and other beholder areas
Ghost touch
“Free” Restoration spell

Once you achieve a certain threshold of healing amp you are fine. The extra 20% is overkill for my version.
Spectral gloves eliminates the need for ghost touch
I can carry scrolls of restoration

KoTC II - 16 AP
Things I take regardless:
Extra Smite II – 3 AP
Divine Sacrifice I – 1 AP

Things I think are wasted:
Courage of Good II – 3 AP
Energy of the Templar – 3 AP

Primary benefits and commentary:
Bane against all outsiders and undead doesn’t suck.
Outsider stun power is pretty nice.

DoS II – 15 AP
Things I take regardless:
Bulwark II – 3 AP
Resistance II – 3 AP
Toughness II – 3 AP

Things I think are wasted:
AC Boost – 1 AP
Courage of Good I – 1 AP
Focus of Good – 1 AP (not totally wasted due to ki issues)

Primary benefits and commentary:
Extra Lay on Hands

Defender stance - +3 str, con, and AC, +2 saves for bosses or other times you’re not going anywhere for awhile.
The tower shield bonus is not wasted. My version often plays intimitank and the extra max dex is useful indeed.