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06-06-2010, 09:24 AM
Ok I got a suggestion for explorer areas, basically a 5% chance or so of a top of the food chain monster for each area, that will be totally random where he spawns so you can just pop in and go to one spot looking for him and exit out, you have to explore the whole area or get lucky. I'm talking 6 or 12 man raid quality top of the food chain for each area. Make them drop a chest where they die just like a collectible so you dont have to track down the spawn point of the chest.... like in Irestone when the captain wanders so far away from his chest spawn spot. Some examples

Cerulean Hills- a pack of displacer beasts with alpha pack leader.
Searing Heights- a clan of fire salamanders with chieftain
Ataraxias Haven- An ancient griffon with young
Sorrowdusk-Coven of Hags with charmed help
Three Barrel Cove- Underwater combat! a fiendish dire shark with Sahugin worshippers
Tangle root Gorge-Medusa with basilisk pets
Gianthold- Awaken an irate crystal dragon poseing as one of the statues
Orchard-Demi-lich with undead horde of frost, blackbones, and flaming skeletons
Vale-Green Dragon with lizardmen minions
Shavarath Battleground-Ancient fiendish fang dragon

As you notice each GROUP has multiple spawns to be a challenge and make them be able to run the whole of the area to draw in the other trash mobs in the area. Well the shark would only be in the water but thats a lot of water.

Also if there would be a way to put actual random encounters in the instances, each time you zone in a new instance roll on a table for a chance of 20 different monsters suited for each of the areas and plop them in a random spot. Could be chances of more than one rare random. They don't even have to drop chests just the chance at fighting something entirely not expected. You are fighting your run of the mill hobgoblins when a hippogriff swoops in and starts killing everyone, hobs and party alike. There are so many monsters we are missing from DDO right now, Medusa, Grell, Ettercap, Griffons, Hippogriffs, Displacer Beasts, Xorn, Lizardmen, Fairy folk, I mentioned a lot of these already.

Not sure how the code for these would go but it would really go a lot toward the fun of the game I would think.

Just think you are in an explorer area and you come up on the pack of displacer beasts and you get a message "your group has just been upgraded to a raid group" then call in help in you need it. In these instances the critter must truly be the top of the food chain and provide amply challenge.

Just my two cents of something that I think would add a whole new dimension to the game. Go ahead and bash me or praise me either way I think this would be great.

06-07-2010, 09:57 PM
An idea occurs to me, they could be a different kind of rare spawns, which are not really random but based on a mini chain of events.

It may start the way d&d quest used to start: hearing the gossip at from the barman.
You then have to stumble in with some clue of the rare's whereabouts, like a broken cart, a dead monster or a fleeing farmer.
You then know the rare-rare may pop up thus go call out your friends and set up a group ad to go hunt the monster.

So in the end it is just a rare monster that gets more screen time than just 'going out to check if the rare is up'.