View Full Version : New game update, rebalance, DEVS please help players adjust

06-05-2010, 06:38 PM
Simply Im asking the devs and Turbine since they have are making major changes to the game with the coming update please have some decency to give vip and premium players (who have invested cash in the game) free or inexpensive access to resources to modify their toons accordingly.

In my case the changes made to 2hf means I want to change the 3 associated feats on my barbarian who is 20th level which means Fred in House J would cost more than I can afford and lesser reincarnate costs more cash. I also have a TR cleric that I am considering a lesser reincarnation on because suddenly access to a lot of turn undead chances seemingly has become worthwhile for both turning undead and healing and I dumped the ability that relies on it because at the time it was far from worthy of stat points for the class. I also have a rogue that may require tring due to the new range weapon rogue updates and 2wf update.

I ask that if players really feel this is a fair request that you please sign it. If you truly feel this request is through greed or cheek or completely unwarranted then please feel free to put not signed but ONLY if you truly believe that and not just to be wicked or rebellious or having a laugh. Maybe by pleading this I have sealed my fate. I hope not.

06-05-2010, 09:16 PM
Totally agree.

Have several posts that say the same thing.