View Full Version : Lamannia Charcopy

06-04-2010, 09:08 PM
I seen you created a new character copy system for Lamannia. the news alone got me you nab your download manger so I could start on grabbing the Lamannia client. ...Then I seen once you copy a character you cannot recopy them ever.

Yeah, I'm not about to copy an 8th level rogue over then run him, the same toon, twice on two different servers. I thought this character copy system is intended to increase activity in your test servers but by only allowing one copy to be made all you really have set up is testing for a toon transfer system for your primary servers. While that in it's self sounds cool, what about allowing updates to a copied toon or at least the option to delete the Lamannia toon and recopy your toon back into it?