View Full Version : Comments To The Devs About Twf

06-04-2010, 12:22 PM
This is mainly adressed to the devs (even thought the chance that they might actualy care to read/answer are as slim as Homer Simpson is in good shape!)

It's about 2wf nerf and i'll go straight to the point.

Actually i don't care at all if 2 of my build are no longer playable, i have nearly 20 characters (level 17+) spread over 2 ViP acount. What i do care about is the time i wasted grinding to get these 2 build equip, each of them, with min II AND lightning strike!

Could you give us at the very least (YES as paying customers diserve) some possibility to DECONSTRUCT these items into their original ingredients and shards? It would be read as a message from turbine saying "Ok peoples we know some of your beloved build have been sacrificed down the bottomless pit of lag to fix it out, not even talking about the weeks/months you spent grinding! But here is our payback to you folk!"

That way both my tempest ranger and my ranger/barb (both 2wf heavely focused) could be reroll into something new or simply deleted. we could use the ingredients to fine tune existing build with stuff like concordant opposition or name it!

On a closing note: Do what you have to do devs... i dont care loosing 2 builds... i just don't want to have them sitting there no more enjoyable (worthless) with all this grinding wasted!

06-04-2010, 12:25 PM
I agree. builds WILL be broken. Deconstruction should be implemented.