View Full Version : Alignment and choices you make

06-03-2010, 08:36 PM
At moment alignment is only meaningful for what weapons the character can use. I think that's a little boring. So here my idea: Give players a bonus if they play their alignment (like in dialogue choices, I have discussions like the one with Dead Girl at Delara's Graveyard in mind). What bonus? Maybe more XP in certain quests, more special items, extra favour or some quest (chests, doors or what have you) that can only be opened if you have a certain alignment. And of course there should be a way to change the alignment in game (with certain quests or the hard way by taking choices that are showing another alignment, second should be only occur if taken too many choices that are not in line with your alignment).

06-04-2010, 10:53 AM
I like the idea of alignment affecting game content but there are few things that I would not want it to affect.

Content it currently affects:
1) Equipable Items (without UMD)

Things I'd like it to affect:
1) Dialog, this is primarily flavor or fluff content so no consequence of choice
2) Alternate endings to quest, again flavor or fluff content
3) Affect end reward choices. To be meaningful, choices would affect what type of reward will be likely. i.e. a lawful choice increases the chance of getting a True Law item.

Things not to affect:
1) Content available to me
2) Unbalanced XP for acting in alignment or not

If the above were to be implemented, the only consequence for not following alignment would be higher chance of getting lower quality loot for my character.

Potential exploit would be people using this mechanism to farm "of Pure Good" items.