View Full Version : Armed Guild Ships

06-03-2010, 07:03 PM
Please allow us to mount that cool cannon from Three Barrel Cove onto our Guild Airships and allow us to shoot each other down and raid the goodies from the wreck. Just think, large guildships preying on smaller ones, three or four smaller ships joining to down a large guildship. It would keep the players busy for about 200 years and make Turbine rich! Now that's a grind I can get into!


But seriously...

I wouldn't mind taking some potshots at some dragons or some pirates as a way to pay for larger ships as a guild instead of or as well as dropping off donations at the showroom. It would be no more arcade twitchy than the Ice Games and would be a fun way to help the guild. What do you think? 100 pp per game? 500 pp? Shoot down 1000 enemies and get one of the Astral Diamonds or whatever they are? C'mon you know you wanna. That cannon is fun admit it! ;)