View Full Version : We might need more then duck tape

06-02-2010, 07:45 AM
Rakian_Knight here just wanting to talk about some problems that might need a little more then a roll of duct tape to fix.

First of all, every problem stated in this video!


1) Traveling: Early levels traveling to a quest spot isn't that hard but what I'm referring to is more having to bus everyone to Meridia because they are in a shroud raid (or getting to Meridia in general) or other places like that (premium not p2p so don't know everyplace). I'm not completely sure, but if meridia was a common place of business, like it says every time you walk up to it, you would think that it would be easier to get to or their might be another way besides running throught a CR 16 area with monsters waiting to kill you for steping on their area.

Personally I would like to see the teleport spell be redone (not sure how hard that would be) to were it teleports you either directly to the enterance of the house/place or in one of the taverns (considering that is the place you are most likely going to be going anyway).

Another thing with word of recall is would it be possible to make it more like teleport and teleport you somewhere... useful? I saw some great ideas for the word of recall spell and the temple in here: http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?t=250522 and would love to see either the spell or the temple changed.

2) Spells: In general we don't have enough useful ones not to mention that epic mode (from what I have read) has reduced that to firewall, haste, and cure/repair. With U5 I'm looking forward to the new neg. energy spells but Acid, Electicity, and Force spells need some love too. Force spell especally don't have anything going for them besides 3 spells I believe. My vote is maybe increase recharge time for firewall, but MAINLY fix every other spell out there so that firewall isn't the only spell used.

However, even though wizards/sorcerers are the primary casters clerics need some useful spells as well. I don't have a battle cleric but my cleric isn't a stand back and heal you for 6,956 hp either he's somewhere in the middle. However, one change I would like to see would be first and formost make the inflict spells somewhat useful. Maybe make them have a range like the heal spells would be a nice addition that might make them more appealing to someone out there.

3) More options for effective builds: I don't know about the majority out there but out of the four characters I have on Argonnessen, only one of them is a true no rp but pure powergamer type. The rest I don't roleplay but I play how the character would play (if that makes since). What I'm asking here is more options then having a duel wielding DPS class or only being able to play a wizard that acts like a striker instead of a controler (putting it in 4th ed. terms). I guess what I'm asking is letting me build my character without having to min/max him to get him in groups.

Again these are just some of my thoughts so feel free to comment on them but please don't personally bash be.