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06-01-2010, 04:26 PM
Okay was thinking about some nice itemization options based upon the new proc percentage system. Note this thread has NOTHING to do with TWF nerfs and is only about itemization based upon the system having these proc chances in them, regardless of their actual levels.

Old items.

Jorgundal's Collar
This item adds +5% double strike chance and +5% off hand hook chance. These are alacrity bonuses (stacks we will say :)).

Normal Junk it already has. This item adds 5% double strike chance and +5% off hand hook chance. This is an alacrity bonus.

Epic Zephr
normal junk.... This item adds 5% double strike chance and +5% off hand hook chance. These are alacrity bonuses. While wielding this weapon if your off hand hook chance is over 100% you gain a chance of a second off hand hook at a rate of (off hand hook chance - 100%).

Epic Whirlwind
This item adds 10% double strike chance. This is an alacrity bonus.

Madstone Boots:
Same as before except 25% swing speed boost changed to +10% double strike chance and +10% off hand hook chance.

Item Power Modifications:

Shroud tier 3 air: Same knockdown chance + 2% double strike chance and +2% off hand hook chance.

New item powers:

Quick Striking: This weapon strikes more quickly then a normal weapon does. If wielded in your main hand it adds 5% double strike. If wielded in the off hand it adds 10% off hand hook chance. This item allows for an additional off hand hook if your off hand hook chance is over 100% at a chance of ...

Double Shot: Ranged Weapons Only. This weapon has a chance of shotting more then once at the same target per shot. Add 25% double strike chance.

Swiftness: Accessories/Armors only. This item adds a +2% double strike chance and a +3% off hand hook chance. These bonus's are enhancement bonuses (do not stack).

New Weapons:

Blazing Bow
ML 20 (New epic item)
Long Bow
+8 enhancement bonus
Damage: 2d8
Normal Crit Profile.
Double Shot
If you are wielding this bow when many shot expires the cool down on it is reduced by 20 seconds.
Red slot.

The Quickling's Sword
ML 20 (New epic item)
+10 Enhancement Bonus
Damage: 2d4
Normal Crit Profile.
Quick Striking.
While wielding this weapon your dexterity bonus is added to your double strike chance, your off hand hook chance, and your damge with this weapon.
The blazing speed with which you attack with this weapon wears you out quickly. For every thirty seconds that you swing this weapon without interuption longer then one second you are hit with a 30 second long fatigue effect.
Red slot

The Hammer of the Titan's
ML 20 (new epic item)
+6 Enhancement Bonus
Damage: 5d8
Crit: *4
Weighted 5%
This weapon is extremely heavy and difficult to use. It requires Str. 36+ to equip. Additionally, you lose 10% double strike chance. (This assumes that more things will use double strike in the future such as haste boost, madstone boots, etc...)
Red Slot

ML 20 (new epic item)
Colorless Slot
Green Slot
This weighty necklace keeps you well grounded.
Electricity Absorbtion: 33%
Electricty Resistance 40
Reverse Gravity does not effect you.
Your movements are slower then normal. -10% double strike chance and -10% off hand hook chance. You also have a -10% penalty to movement speed.

Gladiator's Shield
ML 20 (new epic item)
Small Shield
Red Slot
Blue Slot
+8 enhancement bonus
Damage: 2d6
Crit: 18-20/*2
You make attacks with this shield using your off hand hook chance.

The Giant King's Shield
ML 20 (new epic item)
Tower Shield
Blue Slot
+6 Enhancement Bonus
DR: 40 (shield blocking addition with this shield)
This shield is extremely large and heavy being made for use by the giant king. Your movement and attack speed is slowed as if you were fatigued while using this shield. You gain -10% double strike chance.

The Essence of the Wind
ML 20 (new epic item)
Colorless slot
Greater Swiftness: As swiftness except double strike percentage increases to 5% and offhand increases to 5%. Again Enhancement bonus.
Haste: 3/day ML 20

Zombie Charm
ML 20 (new epic item)
Colorless Slot
This hunk of a zombie's flesh contains strange powers.
-50% healing amp
-10% double strike chance and -20% off hand hook chance.
+8 Str. (Profane Bonus)
Mound of Flesh: On non-warforged characters the user gains +40 hit points (profane bonus).

Madstone Axe
ML 20 (new epic item)
Great Axe
Red Slot*2
Enh +6
Damage: 2d12
Crit: *5
This Axe's blades are made out of the same blue mineral mined from the Madstone Crater.
Madstone Strike: Each time you hit with this weapon the target has a chance to launch into a madstone rage identical to that granted by the madstone boots. Purple/red names are immune to this effect. All other mobs do lose spell casting ability.
Madness: You gain all the benefits and penalties of madstone rage while wielding this weapon.

06-01-2010, 06:44 PM
These seem really cool, especially compared to a lot of the epics we already have :mad:

I like, /signed :D

06-01-2010, 07:12 PM
I get the impression you have DM'ed before for PnP. If not, you should haha, because these items are pretty well though out.