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05-28-2010, 12:56 AM
"Spirit" Guild of Argonessan is recruiting members of a shared dream, that dream is to learn more about Dungeons and Dragons Online in a positive and constructive manner with the use of Ventrilo as a front burner. We WILL require members to be willing to use Ventrilo as part of the gaming experience, and if you don't like it... Snails!

An ideal canidate would be someone like the rest of the guild members. Someone who is used to playing an mmorpg that requires team work to complete goals, is used to raids/boss runs/etc, and is used to the fact that some things in this game (and many others) do require money to use.

We are a fairly young guild most of us ranging from 18-30 years old, but age is not a requirement. We only ask that our members be courteous to others in game and especialy in guild and to help out with any knowledge you can, as long as it is truthful!

We have plans of playings the new MMORPG Rift: Planes of Telara , and you can apply to join us in our ventures there as well (although be prepared to convert to a strict raiding schedule). It is not a requirement to join us there, nor is all of our DDO members going to play with us there. We plan on keeping both chapters alive and well.

We decided to come to DDO to get that mmo fix our current guildies sake. While of course enjoying a great MMORPG! Some of us are very familiar with Dungeon and Dragons and others not so much. If you are interested in joining we're open to recruitment.

The best way to contact an Officer is to message Debaser or Bore in game and they can set up an interview for you or (the best best way) you can post an app at our website.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

-Spirit Team