View Full Version : AI - a few needed...adjustments

05-26-2010, 06:26 AM
When they get around to adjusting the AI of hirelings and pets...I hope they can fix the following

If it gets damaged from a trap, that it moves away from it before trying to heal itself
If someone in my party mez'es an enemy (hypnotise, sleep ect.) NOT to attack that one first.
If I go up a ladder, follow me up the ladder.
clerics..if I set you on agressive...do attack monsters

attack the monster nearest to me, not farthest
iron defender - grease is not a party buff (please remove grease from summoned defenders, it makes them
scorp.- less digging down, more attack
ranger pets - wolf, attack more, scratch fleas less

PM pets...well your fixing them so holding judgement.

a suggestion...make arcane and divine summon monster...summon different things.

bonus suggestion
if you have the summoning spec. feat (not the new one, the current one) allow a 5% 'crit' chance
that what you call will be the next higher lvl one.
if you have the greater version...increase to 10%

Give that feat a purpose.