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05-26-2010, 03:39 AM
Most of you know already about this, but I can probably help some beginners with my experience.

Im now Lvl 14 AA (not kiting Version) and discovered the benefit of using different bows in different situations for me.

Before I just used a bow of air or normal +5 bow, but this was not very efficient.

As soon I’ve done a bit of research in DDO wiki http://ddowiki.com/page/Weapon_enhancement_summary I spent some (loads of) money in the AH for different bows.

So I’m using a disruption bow vs. undead mobs, smiting bows vs. constructs, paralyzing bow vs. nearly everything. Also some destruction, cursespewing, strength sapping and metalline bows, if necessary. And of course the silver bow.

Its great fun to watch zombies or elementals disappear after just a couple of good shots. And it makes it all a bit easier for everyone in the group.

It doesn’t matter for me if the bows are +1/+2/+3 because I use my casted +3 arrows (doesn’t stack !) . Acid arrows are great vs. nearly everything.

If I had found earlier, I would had less critical situations and probably less deaths for me and my guildies ;).

Of course for low level chars are all these bows very expensive. So If I would start a new char, I would 1st save my money for a paralyzing bow, probably a short bow, cause there are mostly cheaper. Also a bow of disruption for undeads - support your cleric.

With the variety of bows, the ranger means double fun for me. Took a while to find out… ;)

Have all fun playing DDO !!!

05-26-2010, 03:53 AM
This is actually true of almost any DPS build. Having the right weapons can make it a lot easier, even more true of the builds on the mid to lower part of the DPS scale.

The primary problem with a few of those bows is that they only proc 5-10% of the time depending on if you have Improved Critical: Ranged or not.

For instance Smiting and Banishing are both On Crit effects. With something like a Rapier with Improved Critical you will make them save vs. your attack 25% of the time instead of the 10% you'll see on your bows. However this doesn't mean you shouldn't use them if they're providing quicker kills. I certainly remember using a Banishing bow when I was clearing out the Vale and it wasn't half bad.

For normal questing I'd suggest Disruption (it's an on hit effect) and Paralyzing as well as Silver and an Elemental DPS as your primary must have bows. You can make it all the way through GH and into Vale using nothing but a Paralyzing bow, with Improved Precise Shot you can lock down lines of creatures without an issue.

05-26-2010, 04:21 AM
Yep your right, improved crit helps a lot, of course.

And the silver bow is also a good choice in nearly every situation. But my favorite is the paralyzing bow. Cant beat the crowd control. Gnolls looks very funny while paralyzed... :)

05-27-2010, 02:58 AM
Great advice and something many players probably miss due to the huge difference between playing in a full party and playing solo or with one other player.

Ranged combat especially for AA's is extremely useful solo due to the enemies having lower max hp. Using effects instead of pure damage helps make ranged combat more useful even in a full party.

That being said early level pre=11 (1-10) can be obliterated fairly well with just the silver bow using manyshot when you run into a large group etc. Post 11 you have 3 arrows a pop from manyshot so you still can lay some serious smack down when needed. The question then becomes should you bother with ranged when not using manyshot?

Solo the answer is obviously yes, especially once you have improved precise shot.

In a party I'd say it depends on the effects you have on your bow. It's still good to use at range and to take out spellcasters etc safely but I'd suggest switching to a melee form once enemies get close. If you already have 3 hard hitting melee characters in your party it might just be better if you stick to paralyzing everything instead:)

Honestly for low lvl characters I'd just suggest trying to get a Silver bow by level 6 and then calling it a day for your ranged weapons for quite awhile (at least till 11). Improved precise shot is when you really start being able to get alot out of effects on a bow and you happen to get your 3rd multishot at the same level (if a pure ranger).

If brand new run STK a few times till you get a ring of feathers, sell it and buy a silver bow then run Deleras till you get a Carnifax. That gives you great crit range on both melee and ranged attacks and you'll be set for weapons for awhile.

Later on money is easy and so it won't hurt much expanding your weapon selection.

05-29-2010, 01:17 AM
Hope this will help a lot of lowbie AAs out there, cuz most of em just jump around kiting n ticking of the party members. Lots of threads hav had the same discussion, so just a lil note, by using effects rather thn dps, the contribution will b much more thn dps because:

- Melee does more dps regardless (consistently, manyshot is a burst damage output)
- Bow users r squishy (imo), u wud rather not draw aggro
- Rangers r tactical based players

We can do decent dps, but there r better. I use abt 8 different bows to gud effect. Paralyzing, cursespewing, disruption, strength sapping, improved destruction, banishing, n my dps bow (which i use to thin the crowd with manyshot n Improved Precise shot), seeker +8 bow. In the end, situation rules, pull out wht suits the situation best. U mite end up saving the whole party, or u mite b the reason the whole party gets wiped. Once again, bow rangers r tactical players imho. Hope this helps.

05-29-2010, 01:19 AM
I would imagine greater bane bows would do sick damage with AA imbued arrows. Can't wait to try that on mine.

05-29-2010, 03:01 AM
Well, we had almost too much discussions about switching to melee. Every proper Ranger should know about that meanwhile ;)

Imho a good balanced party should have enough melee power, so the ranger can do what his job is: sniping from the back.

In normal situations, I'm tabbing from mob to mob, paralyzing everyone and start from beginning. Meanwhile the rouge can do a sneak attack after the other, the wizzy does nice, warm firewalls und the pala, fighter, barbar swings his greatsword, mowing through the masses :)

While paralyzed, I can switch through cursepsewing, destruction, str sapp......just to make it easier for the party.

Of course this is not working for special mobs and bosses. As u said, a ranger has to think tactical. Special weapons & tactics for special mobs. SWAT Ranger.

And if you can smell his dirty feet, switch to scimitar/ss and give em !

06-02-2010, 12:36 PM
I'm only up to level 8 right now, but I love the Nicked Long Bow from Sharn quest. I use that most of the time, but I know that better bows are just around the corner.