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05-22-2010, 11:20 PM
hey, just some questions you can answer whichever ones you want.

1. how can i make this "my ddo" forum screen a bit bigger?

2. how come i cant withdraw bids because im the highest bidder? because only hours after i set the bid i won the exact item in a raid, now im going to have 2 (one of which i will have baught at a heafty price)

3. which is often the most crowded server?

4.what are all there things on my charicter sheet like: armour class, fortitude, reflex, will and fortification? what do they affect? defences? or can they help prevent things like being knocked down and stuff.

5. how come most pvp arenas are empty most of the time except for wayward lobster? i mean i can do party fights but sometimes i like ot fight strangers. but whatd be kewl as a sugjestion imo that an entire server be pvp (unless there allready is one i dont know about)

well those are my questions

05-22-2010, 11:28 PM

1. I have no clue.

2. Toi make it fair for all.

3. The servers are pretty much balanced. Thelanis is the best, of course! :D

4.Big question. THe stats add bonuses your skills, your attacks, your defense and saves, basically. THere are details on how this works in the user guide. This game has a HIGH learning curve.

5. THis game isn''t about PvP. THe classes are unbalanced. THerefore, casters win just about every match at endgame levels.

05-23-2010, 09:06 AM
2. Because you could use that ability to manipulate the market by blocking all others and then pulling it at the last second so a buddy could get it cheap. (Assuming pulling a top bid would re-set all bids to zero).

Don't worry if you end up with 2 of the same, just put it back up for sale or like in my case hope really hard someone will outbid you at the last moment so you don't end up with 2.