View Full Version : Redo Dungeon Difficulty, Loot, Rewards,and XP

05-22-2010, 01:28 PM
As I play the game their is always the question of what difficulty should we do the quest? Then the party tries to estimate the difficulty which results in the quest being too hard, too easy or just right. I think dungeons should automatically increase or lower mobs, and bosses levels and/or add or remove mobs, bosses, chests, and traps based on parties average level, and number of players, and rate of progress through the dungeon as players enter and exit. Experience, loot and rewards should be determine by number of kills, kill assists, heals, buffs, hidden objects detected, traps disable, time and deaths. Debuffs count as kill assists, rez spell count as 10 heal, and half of the summoned monsters and/or hirelings points are counted towards the owners points. All Experience earned is reward upon exit and the type of loot and rewards is determined by your class(es), level, weapon and armor proficiency. Mini-bosses give +1 level higher loot and bosses +2 level higher loot. I would like to see different versions of the same dungeons, so every time you enter the the dungeon rearranges itself accordingly. Of course certain objects, npcs, quest items, can't be remove just rearranged.

05-22-2010, 01:29 PM
id personally like to see them use their recourses to give us new content rather then revamp old content. *cough druids *cough*