View Full Version : Tuesdays 17.00-24.00 CET Static group - Cannith

05-21-2010, 10:01 AM

I wonder if there are people interested to become a part of our static group? We are currently playing in the higher lvl range (17+). However we are considering starting a pair of new characters as well in the future, but for the moment we focus on the high lvl characters.

Here is some more info:

Playtimes: Tuesdays 17.00-24.00 Central European Times also every second sunday 12.30-24.00 CET (11am-6pm est on tuesdays, around 06.30 am to 6pm on every second sunday)

Level range of the characters: 17+

Type of characters needed: Healer, Arcane, warchanter bard and DPS

What we have sofar: Two very high dps builds

VIP: Well it's not a requirement but it would need you to buy quite many adventure packs to be able to group together, so VIP is prefered

How are we? We both consider ourself to be very friendly guys, with alot of knowledge within the game. Since we are not playing that often, then we are very focused the times we are playing. So people that has to go away and have a smoke every 5 minutes are not what we look for. We do of course take breaks for food, bio etc :D

We have high hopes of the performance of this group and bear in mind that we will focus on the epic content in the end. We WILL help those that are in the group in all ways we can.

Finally most important of all.. we premier a friendly atmosphere and a nice and friendly personality is the most important thing, even if we also still needs people with dedication and a big will to learn and adapt to new situations.

I hope there are more people around that would like to spend time with us more regulary.

Best Regards!